Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sarah the RINO Slayer: Taxidermy man is gonna have a heart attack…

-by VotingFemale

H/T to commenter Orca for photoshop concept. Free use of this photoshop art is granted for reuse on condition the patriot heart logo is retained.

Poor old RINOs. Their cover blown as liberal socialists in GOP clothing, the mid-term Palin-backed candidates have taken their toll on the GOP establishment's RINO herd.

Taken down by Palin-Backed candidate:
Newt Gingrich Backed Dede Scozzafava – Losing in the polls, dropped out of House NY District race, refused to endorse her GOP opponent who was running as Independent, instead endorsed the Democrat candidate.
Taken down by Palin-Backed candidate:
Newt Gingrich & NRSC Backed Charlie Crist - incumbent governor running for Senate; losing in the polls, dropped out of GOP Senate Primary, refused to endorse his GOP opponent, switched to Independent to run against him, refused to return GOP campaign funds gathered as a GOP primary candidate; now significantly trails GOP opponent in the polls
Taken down by Palin-Backed candidate:
Karl Rove & NRSC Backed Lisa Murkowski – incumbent Senator; lost the GOP Senate primary, refuses to endorse her GOP opponent, tried to switch to Independent and was refused by the Independent Party, runs anyway as a write-in
Taken down by Palin-Backed candidate:
Karl Rove and NRSC Backed Mike Castle – incumbent lame duck US Representative ran for Senate instead of reelection to the House; lost the GOP Senate primary race, refuses to endorse his GOP opponent, may or may not run as an Independent or write-in, now actively attacking his former GOP opponent
So much for "tea leaves" reading by the GOP establishment on the mood of the 2010 mid-term electorate. They backed the wrong candidates, and their RINOs became roadkill under the Tea Party bus.

What did the GOP establishment do? Attack the primary winners either directly or indirectly. Make a note of it for when these establishment guys come up for reelection. Though Karl Rove is not an office holder, he fancies himself as an 'architect' of campaigns. Well Mr Architect got his butt handed to him in the Castle campaign he designed, and he didn't take losing a run for the Senate like a man rather than like a spoiled, whiny, party-splitting little weasel.


Update 09-20-2010: It was incorrectly stated Murkowski was rejected by the [Alaskan] Independent Party and should have stated the Alaskan Libertarian Party. Vice Chairman Harley Brown told Roll Call "We've unanimously decided not to allow Murkowski to run on the Alaska Libertarian Party line in November."

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  1. Excellent and spot on! I love the photo :)

  2. you made a mistake when you said Independant Party. Its the Libertarian party that Murkowski tried to run in

  3. @4rc

    I updated the post to reflect the correction. Thanks!

  4. Thanks manajordan!

    Excellent and spot on! I love the photo :)