Sunday, September 19, 2010

Palin-hatin' Malia Litman's dog don't hunt

Malia Litman is one of those Palin-obsessed bloggers so afflicted by Palin Derangement Syndrome that her daily Palin-hatin' screeds are devoid of any common sense or logic. She claims, for instance, that she finds writing about Sarah Palin to be distasteful, yet she cranks out at least one hate screed smearing Sarah each day. What then, compels her to do it if it's such a bummer for her? We had no idea that Soros, some nameless Democrat operative, or whoever it is that floats her boat pays that well. And all this time we thought the members of the Palin Internets Smear Squad And Naysayer Team (acronym PISSANT) were getting minimum wage.

As a rule, we don't read Litman's tripe, nor that of any of her fellow PISSANTs who keep flooding the blogosphere with their lies and smears. But we came across a post at Tennessee Conservative in which Mick Wright skillfully deconstructs Litman's attempt to bolster the PISSANT-propagated meme that Sarah Palin is not really a hunter, i.e., that it was all somehow invented out of whole caribou skin to bolster her image as a modern-day pioneer woman from Alaska. The pathetic old pearl of a Big Unfounded Liberal Lie (acronym BULL) that Sarah don't hunt was first tried on for size in a Vanity Fair hatchet job on Gov. Palin last year. Unfortunately for the PISSANTs, who have dedicated their efforts to keep it alive, their source for this idiotic idiom, Levi Johnston, later admitted that he was bearing false witness when he dissed on Clan Palin. But the PISSANTs had latched onto it, and like Lisa Murkowski with her cushy Senate job, they refuse to let it go.

Having established that this BULL is built on the quicksand of a lie told by an admitted liar, we refer you back to Mick Wright's excellent Tennessee Conservative in which Mick Wright skillfully debunking of Litman. The Tennessee Conservative piece speaks for itself, and does so very well, so we won't reproduce it here. We would, however, like to augment Mick's points with a few of our own.

Item: In a September, 2008 interview, Gov. Palin's dad Chuck Heath… told The Sun:
“She started shooting a gun when she was eight and shot her first animal when she was ten. It was something small, possibly a rabbit.

“She is a really good shot. I taught her to shoot a moose and dress it, to fish and hunt for game.

“We raised our family to be able to support ourselves – 90 per cent of our meat and fish we get ourselves.”
Item: In another interview, this one in October, 2008, with Paul Bedard of U.S. News, Sarah Palin said that she uses the .243 Winchester round for hunting caribou. It's a popular deer cartridge also, but her familiarity with it betrays the PISSANT lie that she doesn't hunt and actually knows nothing about firearms. She went on to ask husband Todd about her longest shot:
Sarah: “What’s my longest?”
Todd: “It was pretty long.”
Sarah: “It was so impressive.”
Todd: “I was like, ‘Holy cow. She didn’t hit that one.’ ”
Sarah: “See, I have to ask him, so I’m not bragging about it myself.”
Todd: “Her dad probably knows better, but it was a long range. Probably closer to 200 yards.”
Sarah: “Two hundred? I was going to say 600.”
Todd: “A 150 to 200 is a long shot.”
So while Gov. Palin may not be able to judge distance very well (a depth perception problem many of us who wear glasses share with her), she knows her ammo, and she's bagged her share of moose and caribou.

Now, consider that in order to accept the claim made by Levi Johnston and the PISSANTs (sounds like the name of a punk band, doesn't it?) that Sarah Palin doesn’t hunt, one must also accept that Todd Palin and Chuck Heath are lying when they talk about Gov. Palin's hunting and shooting activities.

Further, if one believes both men are lying about it, would it not be a scandal of near biblical proportions in Alaska and front page news in at least one of the state’s three largest newspapers, namely the Anchorage Daily News, Fairbanks News-Minor and Juneau Empire? But none of those papers have ever published such an expose nor offered any compelling evidence to give even the slightest credence to the lie.

One would have to be an Andrew-Sullivan-class conspiracy freak to believe that all three newspapers are “covering it up.” Besides, it is common knowledge way up north that Sarah Palin has few real friends at any of those papers — especially the Daily News, a McClatchy rag with quite a liberal editorial point of view. One would have to also subscribe to another Big Unfounded Liberal Lie, that the Palin's have the entire state of Alaska cowering in fear of saying anything bad against her lest they face retribution too horrific to even talk about. A quick tour through the ADN's archives, where there is ample criticism of Sarah Palin to be found, should disavow any rational thinker of that notion.

But that's the point, isn't it? Crazy conspiracy theories about Sarah Palin and silly smears against her and hers are the essence of irrationality itself. Litman and the other PISSANTs are either so unhinged as to actually believe the moose manure they spread around the Web about Gov. Palin, or they know better and are simply playing upon the irrationality of their leftist readers. Either way, they are disgusting creatures, and all they produce is filth.

So it's clear that it is not Sarah Palin, but rather the PISSANTs' tired old dogs that don't hunt. Instead, they just lie in that dirt road that goes to the left.

- JP


  1. She doesn't hunt. Well, she hunts from a chopper killing those cute little wolves.

    She prolly doesn't fish either, so all those cameras that came on board the fishing boat were lying, too.

    She prays too much. She speaks in tongues.

    The whole mess of lies told about Sarah smell just like those Bristol Bay fish will smell when left out in the sun for a day or three.

    BULL is a great acronym!

  2. Sarah and Todd hang out with other hunters like Ted Nugent. Nugent would have outed them if Sarah was a phony. Uncle Ted lives to hunt!

    Sarah didn't have time to hunt much during the 2008 campaign and even early 2009 because her schedule was hectic. That was when Levi was around. He didn't see much hunting at that time but was too stupid to figure out why.