Sunday, September 12, 2010

Murky to Castle: 'Be prepared, they'll come at you hard'

The most lightweight GOP Lite in the Republican party told CNN that he received a phone call from fellow RINO Lisa Murkowski after her defeat in Alaska at the hands of Joe Miller, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Express. The Murky message was in the form of a warning:
"I actually received a call after the election saying, 'Mike, you need to be prepared, they'll come at you hard,'" Castle said after a campaign stop in Millsboro, Delaware. "It was part of a broader wake-up call that's been going on for several months now."
Imagine that! Those intolerant conservatives wanting to replace Vichy Republicans who collaborate with the the Democrats on their neosocialist agenda. Why, the nerve of those people!

- JP

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