Sunday, September 12, 2010

Missoulian Editor: Mama Grizzly Meets Griz Nation (Updated)

Sherry Devlin, editor of the Missoulian, the daily newspaper in Missoula, Montana, promises to have good coverage of Gov. Palin's appearance Sunday afternoon to raise funds and awareness for Missoula’s Teen Challenge:
"Reporters Betsy Cohen and Keila Szpaller will share the duty with photographer Linda Thompson and videographer Matt Riley. I’ll be back at the office making sure everything gets online in real time. So watch for us starting about 2 p.m. on and on breaking news at We’ll continue providing coverage throughout the afternoon – Palin’s talk comes at a private event that runs from 3:30-5:30 p.m."
Devlin says the print edition of Monday’s Missoulian will also have full coverage: "It’ll be a keeper – for all you Grizzlies, and grizzlies."

Update: Editor Devlin's Missoulian reports that "every seat is taken" for Gov. Palin's appearance, but the newspaper seems to be more interested in the few protesters who have gathered outside the Hilton than on the sold-out crowd inside the arena to hear her speak. More than half of the words in the story are devoted to the protesters. Lamestream media, indeed.

- JP

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