Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 115

"The Obessive Left, Idiot Reporters and Yellow Journalism" Edition

The week in review...

James Lewis at American Thinker:
"Up to four hundred mainstream 'journalists' got caught a couple of months ago conspiring on an e-mail listserv that was cleverly called 'JournoList' to fix the news for Obama in the 2008 election. They agreed on when to smear Sarah Palin and when to cover up Jeremiah Wright... These four hundred shameless agitprop artists were fixing an American election for the most radical Leftist administration in U.S. history. These are not 'journalists.' They are corrupt propaganda artists, Soviet-style... In November, Americans must go beyond firing the Democrats. We must take their corrupt infrastructure apart as well... The real power of the Left is in the Big Media, the bureaucracies, and education. The first step to regain American freedom is to turn off the propaganda."
Doug Powers at
"McGinniss calls it 'hate,' but some of us rubes in flyover country simply consider not being very helpful to some jackwagon who’s only in town to smear one of our residents 'sticking up for our neighbors.'"
Jim Geraghty at The Campaign Spot:
"Early on, there were some conservative worries that frontrunner Kelly Ayotte, a popular state attorney general for five years, might be a bit less socially conservative than some Republican grassroots would prefer; a lack of a voting record in a legislature and fans in Washington are potential points of concern in a year like this. But it’s hard to argue that a Sarah Palin–backed candidate is some sort of closet liberal... The Susan B. Anthony list, a pro-life women’s group, is backing Ayotte, and putting their money where their mouth is..."
Kim Murphy at the Los Angeles Times:
"Miller managed to do exactly what his political mentor, Sarah Palin, did four years earlier when she won the Alaska governorship: run outside the party hierarchy with a feisty network of committed, grass-roots volunteers."
Nola Nimrod:
"We know that the fact that Palin is breath­ing is enough to set off The Nation crew, but... what, exactly — EXACTLY — was it that Palin did that has these folks so worked up? * went to col­lege? aren’t womyn sup­posed to empower themselves? * got and stayed mar­ried? ... * had a fam­ily AND worked? isn’t that in the pro­gram, too? * found she was car­ry­ing a not–per­fect child ... and didn’t have an abortion? * she got sick of cor­rup­tion and business-​​as-​​usual and brought down the biggest wigs in Alaska pol­i­tics even though they were from her own party? * when a freak moved in next door to spy on her she... built a fence to pro­tect her home? * is viva­cious, beau­ti­ful, and one killer pub­lic speaker? Yeah, I guess that’d get the crew over at The Nation head­ing for the staff Prozac bin."
Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs:
"Sarah really is the best."
Jan Jaben-Eilon at left-leaning The Jerusalem Post:
"Benyamin Korn, 54, a self-described activist, journalist, son of a Reform rabbi, father of four teenagers and a ba’al teshuva (someone who has become religiously observant), launched the Jews for Sarah [.com] website in mid-April... Korn seems to have tapped a reservoir of growing American Jewish disappointment in President Barack Obama’s handling of the US relationship with Israel... Palin seems to attract the majority of her [Jewish] supporters in the conservative or neo-conservative pockets along the East Coast. In March, conservative writer Norman Podhoretz published an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal in which he wrote that he would 'rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama.'"
Bookworm at Bookworm Room:
"What I do know about Sarah is that she is a truly admirable American, many of whose values resonate with me and with most Americans... that she is a bone-deep philosemite, whose appreciation for Jews extends to the state of Israel; and that she is a political powerhouse who cannot and should not be ignored."
Morgan Freeberg at House of Eratosthenes:
"How does Palin leadership handle the situation in which it has made a decision, and a vocal critic emerges from the fog of anonymity, critical of it. We already know how the current leaership handles that, and count me among the ones doubtful that our nation can survive much more of it without great injury. Oh, we don't need to wonder too much about how a Palin administration would work this. We have it on tape... Much has been written about her service as Alaska's twelfth Governor and Wasilla's Mayor. From all that has managed to find its way to me, it seems it all falls into the theme of the video... 'Oh, you're a hockey mom too. Oh, you're a teacher. Let's find something upon which we agree. No, my mind is made up over there, sorry that ship has sailed...but maybe, further on down the line, we'll work together on something.' That's what healing looks like, folks."
"Having Allen West on the Republican ticket as Governor Palin’s VP... could do a world of damage to Obama’s re-election bid."
Phillip Elliott and Randall Chase of The Associated Press:
"Sarah Palin on Thursday endorsed Christine O'Donnell's Senate bid in Delaware, hoping to give another tea party-backed candidate a final push to defeat an establishment favorite... The endorsement could provide a major boost for O'Donnell, locked in a bitter primary against Rep. Mike Castle but short on campaign cash... Palin, the Republicans' 2008 vice presidential nominee, has become a coveted endorsement. Her backing of Joe Miller in their shared home state helped defeat GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska GOP primary."
Nikki Schwab and Katy Adams at the Washington Examiner:
"Only 6 percent of Alaskans see [Levi Johnston] in a favorable light, with 72 percent thinking of him negatively. These numbers set the record for the most unpopular person... in any state, a record formerly held by John Edwards..."
Doug Powers at The Powers That Be:
"McCain demonstrates the abject cluelessness that can only be found in someone who has become utterly disoriented by trying to convincingly pull off the 'I’m not a Democrat, I’m just a conservative telling Republicans they need to be more liberal' persona... 'Meghan McCain, the daughter of John McCain, is taking shots at Sarah Palin. In her new book, Dirty Sexy Politics, Meghan McCain went as far as saying that Sarah Palin brought drama, stress and uncertainty to her father’s failed bid for the presidency in 2008.' She also brought in a boatload of votes your dad wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, dipweed — mine included."
Standing Pat:
"The President showed up in Cleveland to give a campaign speech at a community college campus... Organizers were giving away tickets to students to try to fill the recreation hall... I kinda suspect Sarah Palin would have filled much larger [venues] in this town without breaking a sweat."
Chicago Boyz:
"The left’s obsession with Sarah Palin is one of the most interesting political and social phenomena of our time. The degree and volume of venom directed at her staggers the imagination. It is unprecedented in recent times, especially for someone who does not currently hold office... Leftists try to rationalize the hatred by claiming that Palin is an extremist, but that is easily disproved by comparing where she stands on various issues versus how many Americans hold the same views. Moreover, if she truly were an extremist, she wouldn’t be a threat because she would have no electoral base. No, the best explanation for the left’s bizarre Palin obsession is status-anxiety. Status-anxiety occurs when a person believes that their position in a real or imagined social hierarchy is threatened. Leftists react emotionally to Palin because of the threat she poses to their own individual sense of status. All their other arguments are just put forth to rationalize that emotional reaction. In short, it is not the ideas she puts forth, it's that someone like her is significant at all."
- JP

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