Saturday, September 11, 2010

McCormack: Pro-Life Groups Defend Kelly Ayotte

Pro-life groups are going to bat for Kelly Ayotte in defense of her pro-life bonafides in the New Hampshire race for U.S. Senate. John McCormack at The Weekly Standard's Blog reports:
Though Ayotte is pro-life and has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, her record is being assailed by supporters of candidate Ovide LaMontagne, who styles himself as the true conservative in the race. The most recent poll shows Ayotte leading LaMontagne 34% to 21%. Pro-choice multi-millionaire Bill Binnie was close behind at 17%, but other polls have shown him in second place.

The Susan B. Anthony List, whose primary goal is to send pro-life women to Congress, announced yesterday that it's launching a $150,000 campaign to support Ayotte, and the National Right to Life Committee released a memo countering claims that Ayotte wrongfully had the state pay for $300,000 in legal fees to Planned Parenthood. The NRLC writes:
On August 12, 2007, Judge DiClerico issued an opinion finding that Planned Parenthood was entitled to attorney fees and court costs. Judge DiClerico ordered both sides to meet and make their best efforts to resolve the amount, to avoid further court proceedings.

At this point there was no law for Ayotte to defend when the payment of plaintiff’s fees was ordered. The DEMOCRATS cost the state the loss of the case by repealing the law and they cost the state $300,000 by repealing the law and handing Planned Parenthood the win and New Hampshire and its families the loss. The Democrats turned a winnable case and, most importantly, protection for the state’s minor daughters from unscrupulous abortionists into a gift to Planned Parenthood. Based on Judge DiClerico’s decision, it was a given that Planned Parenthood was going to receive attorney fees. Attorney General Ayotte had no alternative but to negotiate the best settlement possible.
The full NRLC memorandum is here.

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