Friday, April 16, 2010

Mitchell praised Clinton, disses Palin for making real money

Oh, the hypocrisy! Geoffrey Dickens at NewsBusters on liberal and Palin-challenged Andrea Mitchell's double standard:
NBC's Andrea Mitchell, on Thursday's Today show, delivered a snarky piece about Sarah Palin "making millions on books" and "highly paid speeches"going as far to portray the former Republican Alaskan governor as a diva who demands a Lear jet and "bendable straws" for her water bottles at appearances.

However Mitchell was singing a different tune back in 2001 when a former Democratic officeholder, in this case Bill Clinton, cashed in, as she hailed on the August 7, 2001 NBC Nightly News: "The self-declared 'Comeback Kid,' a hero to his new office neighbors in Harlem, now breaking a world record, signing the biggest non-fiction book deal in history, bigger than the Pope's. Bigger than Hillary Clinton's. Sources say as much as $12 million."

Fast forward to Thursday's Today show, and Mitchell painted Palin as a hypocrite for getting rid of her state-funded luxury jet back in Alaska, since she is now requesting a Lear jet for an appearance at the cash-strapped Cal State-Stanislaus University. However, as Mitchell herself pointed out, albeit at the end of the piece, Palin's speech at the campus is being paid by private funds and will, according to the university's president, raise money for the school.
Read Dickens' unabridged post here.

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