Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ignorant Chris Matthews calls Sarah Palin an 'ignorant'

Suppose you were Chris "Tweety Bird" Matthews. Suppose you were ignorant. But I repeat myself. Ed Morrissey explains:
Let’s put aside the point Noel Sheppard makes about Matthews using the grammatically horrid phrase “a political ignorant” after praising himself as someone who constantly seeks knowledge. Let’s instead look at the journalistic standards at MS-NBC for political argumentation, as Matthews reports that Sarah Palin takes great joy in ignorance by quoting that rock-solid source - “somebody alludes to”


Whether it’s energy policy, health-care reform, or even nuclear policy, Palin not only doesn’t avoid it but issues almost daily communiques on substantive policy from her platform on Facebook. In fact, her speech at the SRLC this month spoke almost entirely to policy, including Afghanistan and the foreign policy bungling of the White House, when many expected her to focus more on politics and the integration (or lack thereof) of the Tea Party and Republicans.

Certainly, one can disagree with Palin on policy, or demand deeper explanations. But the notion that Palin doesn’t address policy at all is an argument that qualifies someone as a “political ignorant” - but it’s not Sarah Palin.

The good news for Matthew is that he's on a network that's so bad that even his doormat ratings and nightly demonstrations of ignorance and stupidity aren't even an embarrassment. Another bright spot is he doesn't even have to put that on his resume. It's common knowledge to all but the 20 percent of Americans who fall under the demographic heading of "moonbat."

- JP

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