Friday, April 16, 2010

Dr Roy's Thoughts on Sarah Palin in Hamilton

Dr. Roy Eappen is an endocrinologist from Montreal who was in Hamilton for Sarah Palin's keynote speech at last night's charity event. Here's a few excerpts of the good doctor's take on Gov. Palin and her speech:

I had the privilege of meeting Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd. She was extremely charming. I told her I was a Tory blogger and a big fan. She thanked me for coming. Todd introduced himself and I said "you're the first dude" and they both laughed....

Governor Palin spoke for almost 55 minutes. She spoke of family, of politics and of Canada...

She was very complimentary of Hamilton and Canada, She spoke of the deep bonds of friendship between Canada and the United States. She spoke of the gratitude of the United States for the service of our troops and of the sacrifice of 142 of our children...

I found her speech quite moving as did the very enthusiastic audience.

Read Dr. Roy's full post and check out his photos from last night at his blog here.

- JP

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