Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kevin Fobbs: Millions will witness Sarah Palin as a true heartland comeback on Leno

In an op-ed published on Renew America's website, Kevin Fobbs, president of the National Urban Policy Action Council, says even her detractors realize that Gov. Palin "just might have the right stuff to stir a nation much in the same way that Ronald Reagan" did thirty years ago:
Sitting down to watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Sarah Palin is an event that perhaps lends itself to a degree of preparation as well as creating a comfortable setting. After all it was just over a year earlier when a new president had been sworn in and many in the upper elite of the liberal Washington punditry felt Sarah Palin had been summarily dismissed from our national consciousness...or so they wished.

Now a year-plus later, "Sarah Who" is now "Sarah Wow." Like President Reagan who rose from the wreckage of the 1976 battle with then-President Gerald Ford to capture the White House and recapture the soul of America thirsting for change and clarity, Jay Leno will host and America will witness on Tuesday night Sarah Palin as a true heartland comeback.
Fobbs' recommendations for Tonight Show prep are in his full opinion piece here.

Related: Leno doubled Letterman's  ratings among adults 18-49, last night, with a 2.0 share vs a 1.0 share for Dirty Dave. Will Gov. Palin drive Leno's numbers even higher tonight? Stay tuned...

- JP

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