Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mentions, Part 38

Special Blogger Edition...

Palin Twibe:
"Sarah Palin consistently speaks to the liberty and freedom our founding fathers fought and died for. Like the great Ronald Reagan before her, Sarah brings optimism and a can do spirit that is sorely lacking in others. Sarah Palin sees America as 'that shining city on a hill' that Reagan often spoke of. Sarah also brings her competitive, never say die, spirit to the fight. No road is too long, no mountain is too high. Sarah inspires us all with her grit and determination. Watching her, a woman who grew up in a simple log cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, and rose to the highest levels of power and achievement, inspires us all to do our best each and every day, to work hard toward our goals, and to enjoy life to the fullest while we do it. She reminds us we all have the power to succeed."
Laptop of the United States:
"Madame is quite the shooter, whether she's on the basketball court or out hunting. Well, it became quite apparent that she has a whole slew of new targets for November: all of the softy southpaws who voted for Obamacare who represented districts that Senator McAnonymous and Madame won in 2008. Madame may have been re-loading after she resigned, but let me tell you, she is unloading now!"
US for Palin:
"Governor Palin is a savvy business woman. She absolutely loves Alaska and quite obviously wants to share it with those of us down here in the lower 48 and around the world for that matter. Combine that with the talent of Mark Burnett and you have the ingredients to make a great documentary. Nothing trashy, nothing trite, nothing like the image the media is trying to portray. Sarah Palin is much classier, more talented, and a far better person than those in the press could ever hope to be. She is a strong leader, a true patriot, and someone the media cannot tear down no matter how badly they try."
My Two Cents Worth:
"Geoffrey Dunn, writing a nice little hit piece on Sarah at The Huffington Post, cited the unanimous passage of legislation that would protect the military and our veterans from any changes ObamaCare would've brought as proof of the Governor being 'duplicitous' as well as 'disingenuous'... There is, however, one little problem... Roughly twenty-four hours (if not more or less) after Sarah tweeted about the military's health care plan, legislation was passed to protect the military from ObamaCare. The way Mr. Dunn wrote his hit piece, it sounded like an implication that Sarah tweeted her entries yesterday, and not the day before... Nice try, Mr. Dunn, in your failed attempt to smear Sarah Palin as clueless and as a liar. You and The Huffington Post are made for each other."
Conservatives 4 Palin:
"I am a Palinista, and if Sarah Palin chooses to run, she is who I will support. I consider her intelligent, capable, and among a very small circle who can defeat Pres. Obama in ’12... We want a GOP POTUS nominee who is Pro-Gun, Pro-Property, Pro-Israel, Pro-Life, Pro-Business, largely anti-tax, and anti-Obama. We don’t want to hear about bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle or how important legislation was crafted with my respected late colleague from the state of Massachusetts. This is my plea, as I make my walk to remember to the Tag Agency to change my registration from Independent to Republican."
Republican Catholics:
"I have three threads I am holding on to: Repeal the UnConstitutiional Death Care Bill/Law; then, involk the Tenth Amendment, the States Rights one; Elect only Conservatives (probably Republicans because we can't trust so called 'blue dogs, like Massa and Stupak), and finally Vote in November 2010... Those were the three STRONG Threads Sarah Palin... laid out last night on the Hannity Show on Monday after the Pelosi, Reid,Obama orgy on Sunday... Write the three threads on your PALM. Read them when you feel like there is a no hope to straighten out the Dope. I have to go now. I found a credit card with $40 on it to add to the million dollar FIRE PELOSI Campaign."
Sarah Palin 2012:
"Comparing Mitt Romney's first statement yesterday with Palin's is like night and day... She takes the lead on the repeal by giving us information on how to do it. She spells out a goal. She tells us we can throw out the corrupt Democrats and elect true patriots who will vote according to the will of the people. It starts with us, the voters. She firmly believes a repeal can be achieved. She states that we can't be discouraged because it would be too easy to feel that way. Romney is reveling in the misery, Palin is telling us to buck up. Palin stirs passion and hope with her words, Romney puts readers to sleep. It's crystal clear that Palin will be more effective than Romney in getting a repeal done."
Conservative American:
"Sarah Palin is critical of President Obama’s recent foreign policy failures when it comes to dealing with our longtime friend and ally, Israel... Palin is, of course, right… again. If she’s supposed to the dumb one and Obama is supposed to be the brilliant Messiah, why is he the one making all the mistakes and why is she the one getting it right? Hmmmmmmmm?"
Governor Palin for President 2012:
"Still, of the crowd, only Palin generates the excitement needed to sustain a national political campaign. The juxtaposition of her laughter inducing stand-up routine on the Tonight show with Romney's yawn inducing snoozefest with Dave Letterman tells you all you need to know about how people will react to the dueling campaigns."
Motivation Truth:
"Contrast [Katie Couric's] treatment of Governor Palin to her treatment Sunday of Rahm Emanuel, President Obama's Chief of Staff. Couric could barely keep from smiling, and might as well have put him on her lap, rocked him back and forth, and told him to blow while she wiped his nose. Was this an interview or was this Mommy taking care of Baby? I know spring is here, but it's a bit early still for softball."
Moms for Sarah Palin:
"I admire Sarah Palin and I thought if she can take the shots she did… I’m not going to be a wimp. I pray everyday for strength. I’m not going to sit down and shut up! I have five children and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let all this go without doing all I can to save the best place on earth, America!"
Generational Dysfunction:
"I remember going hunting and fishing with my father before he died. Those memories have never left me, even though he died when I was only 16... In reading Sarah Palin's book Going Rogue, I was immediately transported back to those times with my father. My absolute favorite part of the book was in her describing the trips with her father into the 'us against nature' environment. Perhaps that is why I am so intrigued with her. Her experiences with nature and her ability to recount it as a positive life's experience are telling to me. It is something we are inspired to provide to our own sons and daughters. I have no doubt that Sarah Palin has already captured her children's hearts with multiple trips into the 'us against nature' environment... I can only hope that the future contains some huntin', fishin' and campin'. That may be the thing that connects my son to me forever, as it did with me and my father."
The Palination:
"President Obama apologizes for America abroad, bows to foreign leaders (and sometimes Floridian mayors), and chastises our allies. Governor Palin, on the other hand, wants America to stand with her allies and to not appease to our enemies... She didn't even shake the hand of a Hollywood producer who supported Hugo Chavez and referred to President Bush as the devil. President Monroe had his Monroe Doctrine... President Bush had his nebulous Bush Doctrine... The Obama Doctrine could be verbalized as be a citizen of the world, appease your enemies, and lecture your allies... The Palin Doctrine very well could be simply stand with your allies and don't sit with your enemies. That sounds like common sense to me."
Conservative Men 4 Palin:
"I'm amazed that [Sarah Palin] and Michele Bachmann seem to be the most aggressive republican spokes persons condemning the Obama administration. Where are all the republican men? Why are these two little women doing more to hold this administration and the democrats to account than all the republican men in congress have done combined? God's speed to both of them, and I know they will be appearing together at several events this year..."
Motor City Times:
"Think about it, the most visible conservative leaders today are Sarah Palin, Liz Cheny, Michele Bachman… The Conservative guys need to step it up."
Palin 2012:
"The truth is that this President promised change in Washington, yet shows what he said to get elected is not how he governs. So yes it was "Just Words, Just Speeches". I can promise you one thing, in November we will not forget. A couple days ago Governor Palin shared a link to a petition on her Facebook Notes, that serves as a reminder to Congress of that fact, we will not forget in November. I suggest you drop by and add your name to the over 300,000 Outraged Freedom Loving Americans that say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!"
GOP Thinker:
"In The Dunce-Filled World Of Liberal Land... a successful AK Gov. with a 12-year political career isn't fit for office, but a guy who can sing 'Jack & Diane' is."
"CBS makes note of the the fact that Mystic Lubricants was owned by Citgo, a company that is run by state of Venezuela. And the latter is run by the dictator Chavez, whom Sarah Palin has not had kind words for. Therefore, they conclude, Chavez has somehow endorsed Todd Palin and Sarah Palin. This is asinine thinking. It is sort of like saying that because I pay taxes, and our tax money is used to fund (insert wasteful government program), therefore I support government waste. That's just bad logic."
The Spyglass:
"It's interesting, watching liberals try to find some sort of caricature for Sarah Palin that will really stick. They've gone through several versions over the last year and a half, but while they've managed to give a lot of people a negative impression of her, they haven't had anything like the sort of success they had in destroying George W. Bush's public image, and she's shown a disconcerting ability to blow their efforts away whenever she speaks in public or shows up on camera."
Inspiration Sarah:
"Sarah received our gift and was gracious enough to take a picture with it! I couldn't believe it! Getting the email with this photo put a huge smile on my face. Rachelle and I weren't expecting anything in return. We just wanted to send a gift to Sarah for her birthday because she deserved it! Sarah, thank you for all that you do! You have inspired me to be the best I can possibly be! I have learned from you to never let anyone change who you are and to always stand by what you truly believe in no matter what others may think."
- JP


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