Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Source: Palin-Discovery deal is 'in the bag'

A spokesman for Sarah Palin is referring questions about the much-talked-about pending deal with Discovery networks to cablecast her "Sarah Palin's Alaska" documentary series to producer Mark Burnett's office. But Burnett is not returning requests for comment. Nor are Discovery's spokespersons. So the reports of a deal on the verge of being done remain unconfirmed.

However, People Magazine has a source at the Discovery Channel who says an agreement is "in the bag":
According to everyone from Variety to The Washington Post, the series Sarah Palin's Alaska has been picked up for a reported $1-million-plus per episode.

Variety says Palin's project with reality-TV rainmaker Mark Burnett "will center on interesting characters, traditions and attractions in the 49th state – with the ex-VP candidate as a guide."
Don't touch that dial...

- JP

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