Friday, March 19, 2010

Another former liberal sees the light

It's always encouraging to witness a former liberal when he or she begins to see the light. Like proud godparents, we like to see the newly-minted conservative, not yet fully free of the emotionalism which dominated his or her liberal life, begin to think as a reasoning adult.

Kristen, who blogs at Eve's Ransom, appears to be in that early stage of political maturity:
Why? Why did I hate her so much?

I honestly don't know. Maybe because it's what everyone else was doing. All the smart people are liberal! Tina Fey, who is so intelligent and funny and cool, nailed Palin to the wall on SNL. Everybody smart thought Palin was stupid, backwards, and contrived. And I'm smart! Ergo, I should find Palin stupid. Right?

This is the kind of non-thinking I did for years as a liberal. I absorbed the default position on every issue from media and pop culture, gleaned the talking points, and let 'er rip.


The attack on Sarah Palin is rife with double standards, sexism, hypocrisy, irrationality, and the left's typically twisted "moral" posturing. And it is not over. The way it looks now, Sarah is a "definite maybe" for 2012, and it will only get worse. As Obama and his supporters, who include the entire establishment media, try desperately to save his presidency for a second term (which, at the rate he's going now, will be desperate indeed) the attacks on Palin will only worsen and increase.

This time, though, for what it's worth, they won't have me on their side.
As Sarah Palin supporters and conservatives, we should encourage and support these recent converts. Just as religious godparents are responsible for ensuring a child's or religious convert's religious education is carried out, political godparents should take an interest in the conservative convert as he or she takes their first steps out of political darkness into the light.

- JP


  1. Absolutely, JP! Thanks for this encouraging word.

    Here's a great radio interview with another lib who thinks Sarah's a great lady regardless of her politics:

  2. I've always said, when people stop believing the mainstream media and liberal talking points, they will do their own research about Sarah Palin and come to a different conclusion.