Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alan Wolk: Sarah Palin Is Your Social Media Role Model

Sunday at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin (SXSW 2010), marketing consultant Alan Wolk co-hosted a panel discussion on Sarah Palin’s successful use of social media:
"For whether you agree with her or not, the fact that she can post something on Facebook and get 3,000 comments in 3 hours, is pretty remarkable."
Wolk and co-host Brian Cain got the audience involved in the conversation, and a wide range of opinions were expressed. The consensus ("more or less") was that Gov. Palin’s social media strength has three basic components:
A Consistent Message: She does an excellent job of staying on point on not straying from her core message and storyline.

A Strong POV: Palin does not try and please everyone. She does not worry about what people outside her core constituency think and has very definite opinions on things that she is not afraid to both express and defend.

A Feeling Of Familiarity: Palin’s supporters often view her as “my friend Sarah, the politician.” You can see this in the very personal tone of many of the Facebook comments, which are written as if the poster was speaking to an old friend.
Wolk's full post is here.

- JP

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