Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Calvin Freiburger: PDS at the Daily Beast

Freiburger calls out Beast editor Tina Brown for authoring an anti-Sarah Palin screed so vitriolic, he could have sworn that it was written by hatemeister Andrew Sullivan:
For many of Palin’s critics, at the heart of the “Palin as celebrity” meme is the Left’s doctrinaire belief in profit as something low and degraded, something to be distributed by government rather than earned through free competition.


Of course, in Brown’s case it might simply be good old-fashioned Palin Derangement Syndrome.


Indeed, her rhetoric about “dominatrix jackets” and “violent populism” is so angry and divorced from reality as to leave little doubt as to the real motivation: Sarah Palin’s feisty conservatism is simply not supposed to resonate with the American people, and it’s certainly not supposed to come from women who manage to balance career and family. That potent combination is guaranteed to bring out the worst in the Left every single time.
Read Freiburger's full scathing commentary here.

- JP

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