Friday, March 19, 2010


The Obamunist lamestream media eagerly helped its Leftist masters ridicule Sarah Palin for pointing out a fact of geography when she correctly mentioned that the borders of Alaska and Russia are only a few miles apart.

But the same sycophantic media is quick to cover up whenever Obama demonstrates that he's not the brightest tube in the fixture, as ESPN did recently:

The genius-in-chief who thinks that Americans invented the automobile, that Austrian is a language and that he had been in 57 states (with one to go!) can't spell the name of Syracuse University. His excuse must be that most Syracuse athletic teams compete in the Big East conference, not the Ivy League, with which he is allegedly more familiar. We would bet the ranch that Sarah Palin, even with her humble degree from Idaho, knows how to spell "Syracuse."

h/t: Moonbattery

- JP


  1. The worst part about it is that 'Syracuse' is spelled correctly in the previous bracket.

  2. Georgetown played Ohio by the way; not Ohio State.

  3. Josh - don't forget Obama recently said in a speech that health care premiums would go down 3,000% if ObamaCare is passed. I guess they don't teach basic math in the Ivy League. Anything more than a 100% reduction results in a negative number!

    No wonder he won't release his college transcripts.

  4. Rusty, I addressed that in a post on the Political Lore Blog. Click on the PL logo in the sidebar to read it.


    - JP

  5. Oh, what I wouldn't give to see Obama's university thesis "work"--it's been hidden for a reason; presumably because it's total crap and Ayers didn't ghostwrite to help make it "audacious and dreamy & stuff."

    Then again, it's probably something original and complex, like his wife's daring, highly experimental thesis. What was her thesis declaration? "A Black Woman Who Attends Princeton Feels Like a Black Woman at Princeton!"

    Whoah! It must have taken her such time and toil to come up with that idea. What a visionary.

    I watched B. Hussein mutter, stutter, flutter, and slide like a cow skating on butter into the gutter during the Fox interview. It really drove home the Great Deception about this incompetent man and the shocking gullibility of a lost, LOST American society. Now Nancy Pelosi has the nerve to pray to St. Joseph to intercede for passage of the StealthScare Bill. Sorry, Nan: no intercession for women who travel proudly and primarily by broomstick. It's a rule.

    Sarah Palin making toast for her kids' breakfast is more effective in action than these nincompoops in Congress.

  6. Don't forget he did not know what a corpsman was or how to pronounce it, he thought the constitution was 2,000 years old, and though asthma patients needed breathalizers.

    Could you just imagine of Sarah Palin has repeatedly mispronounced corpsman.