Sunday, March 28, 2010

Devonia Smith: A Show & Tell for Democrats

Dallas Political Buzz Examiner Devonia Smith put together this little Show and Tell for ignorant Democrats, and we would suggest that it might also be instructional for their media lapdogs:

This is a surveyor's symbol


This is a cross-hair


And this is a "weiner"

Are they able to learn the differences? Sadly, it's a purely rhetorical question, because they have no interest in doing so. That wouldn't fit into their radical Leftist political agenda, and besides, whether they know the differences or not, it won't stop them from making up hateful lies to attack Sarah Palin with.

As those who control our government have rejected the heritage of our founders in favor of a European socialist model, a once honorable American Press has followed suit. Today's media is growing distant from the model of Benjamin Franklin's Pennsylvania Press as it moves toward that of Der Stürmer and Pravda.

Read Devonia Smith's full Examiner op-ed here.

- JP

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