Monday, March 8, 2010

Coincidence? Big Media hypes four bogus Palin "scandals" in one week

It's been a busy week for the hit squads attempting to destroy Sarah Palin. In the past seven days, no less than four bogus Palin-centered "scandals" have been manufactured by the nutroots Left and promoted by the state-run media. Three of these have been cataloged on one post on Free Republic:

Socialized Sarah:

During a speech Gov. Palin delivered in Calgary, she mentioned that as a 6-year-old child, her family crossed the border to seek medical care for her brother in Canada.

The media and the lefty bloggers claim that Sarah Palin is a hypocrite, as if a six-year-old made the decision to seek emergency care for her brother to treat a burned foot.

Though some media outlets later correct the story and put it context, the leftists are still howling about it on their websites.

Say anything and C4P are getting the truth out.

Planet Alaska:

Gossip sites falsely report that Palin is pitching a proposed docu-drama series about Alaska to the networks. Sarah Palin and members of her family would allegedly be portrayed in various locations around Alaska.

Reuters and other statist media outlets pick it up and run with it. By now, the docu-drama has become a "reality" show, and numerous sites such as Mediaite hysterically claim that Gov. Palin wants to promote herself and her children using a lowbrow television series.

To their credit, some media outlets report the truth. The former governor, Mark Burnett and Robert Barnett were in L.A. meeting with network heads pitching a documentary about Alaska. A source close to the governor states that the proposes series is not a reality show, nor will it be about her or her family. It is rather about the people, geography, wildlife and wonders of Alaska. The source says the focus of series would be on Alaska, and it will be similar to a nature series on the Discovery Channel:
"It will not be focused on the Palin family, Alaska is going to be the star," the source said. "It will be more ‘Planet Earth’ than 'The Osbournes go North.'"

A Swarm of Locusts:

This one apparently started when an E-online gossip reporter claimed that Gov. Palin and her entourage descended upon an Oscar gift suite "like locusts," Greedily plundering swag, making unreasonable demands on everyone and generally behaving badly.

Other gossip sites latch onto the false story. Huffington Post and other liberal blogs spread it across the Leftosphere, and the state-run media also runs with it without bothering to do any fact-checking.

But at least a couple of entertainment reporters report correctly that Gov. Palin made a $1,700 donation to the Red Cross and donated all of the swag (save one item) she had been given to charity. Silver Spoon co-owner Melissa Lemer released a statement detailing the true story of Governor Palin's visit.

Canned Lies:

Mediaite, citing a dKos contributor and purveyor of an anti-Palin book as a source, claims that during Sarah Palin's appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC sound technicians played canned laughter soundtracks to give the impression that she was being well-received by the audience. The source says that she didn't go over well on the show.

The usual leftist blogging suspects spread the claims like wildfire, many of them headlining their posts to claim that Gov. Palin was "a flop" on Leno's show. As usual, the statist Big Media simply took the rantings from the leftist websites and spread them around the world.

But others who were in the audience that night dispute the claim, saying that the audience laughed at Gov. Palin's jokes and applauded in all the right places. Further, NBC issues a statement denying that any audio enhancement were made for her appearance. And the ratings for Leno's show that night are high, proving that Sarah Palin was anything but a flop.

Are we the only ones who detect a pattern here? Big Media is taking bogus reports right off of gossip columns and leftist blogs and reporting them as news.  Everytime you think the once-honorable Fourth Estate couldn't become more corrupt, it sinks even lower into the septic tank. 

- JP


  1. My "theory", if I can have one, is that the Left/LSM is trying to throw absolutely anything at Sarah to see if it sticks right now since Meg Stapleton recently resigned. I think the MSM thinks that Sarah won't have an appropriate way to respond without an "official" spokesperson. I know that she does have staff working for her including a spokesperson of sorts in Pam Pryor (?). However, Meg is gone, and they wrongly see her as vulnerable from a PR perspective. This is just my inexpert theory.

  2. Whitney, you not only may have a "theory", but you're very bright! Inasmuch as the LSM cannot conceive that Sarah has a brain in her head, of course, without Meg to front for her, Sarah will succumb to their mindless trashings. Amazing how the Arctic Fox just seems to be so LUCKY to always land on her feet...uncanny! It's just another example of fear-inspired insanity by Leftists who cannot rationally deal with anything or anyone who disagrees with their canned, failing ideology of control. Fear?! Yes, "I can't let them gain control over me because I know what I will do when I gain control over them!!! And I know that's what they'll do to me!!! Agghhhh!"

  3. I could be wrong, but I don't think it has anything to do with Meg leaving. After observing the way the Left and the LSM have attacked Gov. Palin over the many months since Aug. '08, I've noticed that the frequency of their attacks is proportional to her success.

    The more positive news Gov. Palin generates for herself, the more the Left and their media lapdogs try to counter it with negative press. If there is no negative press for them to exploit, they manufacture it out of thin air.

    Gov. Palin's appearance on Leno's show generated some good reviews and excellent ratings. This was followed by Romney going on "Morning Joe" and saying that she was qualified to be president. Then she made a big donation to the Red Cross in Hollywood, followed by the news that she's working on writing her second book. Then it was revealed that she shopped her idea for a Discovery-Channel-type documentary about Alaska to the networks. She delivered a well-received speech to Ohio RTL for which she donated her speaking fee back to the pro-life cause. Steven Hayward's op-ed was published in which he said that Reagan would have voted for Palin. Then she delivers what was basically a serious energy policy address in Calgary that was -- again -- well-received.

    That's a lot of positive publicity for her in just a week to ten days' time. She showed herself to be funny, self-depreciating, serious, charitable, unselfish and not the lightweight that the Left inists she is. All of this goes against their media narrative. So they struck back by trying to counter the governor's positives with negatives. They tried to cast as many dispersions on her successes as they could in an attempt to diminish them.

    There is always a steady background of attacks on Gov. Palin from the Left, but they ramp them up in direct proportion to the good vibes that she generates for herself. They are desperate not to let her redefine herself from the character they have tried to define her as.

    - JP

  4. Good points, JP! I agree that the attacks are generally proportionate to her success. Judging the ridiculous "health-care gate" story, they are laughably grasping at straws!