Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trib Lib asks, "Will success spoil Sarah Palin?"

After a year and a half of non-stop from-the-gutter slurs on Sarah Palin, her character and her family, liberals have opened up a new avenue of attack. Not that they intend to abandon their old ways of sliming Sarah. They're just adding a "thoughtful liberal" approach, not unlike the "good cop, bad cop" gambit used by some police departments. Expect to see an increasing number of "thoughtful liberal, deranged liberal" assaults on the former governor of Alaska.

Charles M. Madigan -- who describes himself as "liberal leaning" -- demonstrates the "thoughtful liberal" approach with his op-ed in the Sunday edition of the Chicago Tribune:
She was a very conservative, very compelling and very comfortable option for a lot of people who felt disconnected from politics. You're not going to find many of them lunching at the University Club. You might find lots of them at laundromats in small towns any Monday of the year. They keep the hot roast beef sandwich option alive at family-owned restaurants everywhere.

It's great sport to mock them, and probably wrong to do that.
"Probably" wrong? Even thoughful liberals can't seem to get that Moral Compass they purchased from the Acme catalog to work...
Here's the Palin problem for them.

I suspect most of them could not scrape up $100,000 (the price she was paid, it was reported nearly everywhere, for her speech to the National Tea Party Convention) if their lives depended on it.

How will they feel about Palin when they realize she has become a wealthy woman whose comforts insulate her from their concerns? Her book has undoubtedly yielded a fortune. She is one of the Fox TV talkers, and nobody does that for nothing.
So basically, the "thoughtful liberal" attempt to try to undermine Sarah Palin's support among the everyday Americans she connects with so well is to first try to establish some credibility with Palin supporters by cluck-clucking, "Yes, even though my political philosophy is diametrically opposed to yours, you can trust me because I'm a 'thoughtful liberal' -- not a deranged one like all those MSNBC talkers. But you can't trust Sarah Palin anymore because she's making real money now and has become an elitist herself."

We've already seen unhinged progressives try to lay the groundwork for this maneuver. The literary editor of the New Republic gave it a go recently, but his straw man arguments were shot down at Ace of Spades HQ. And we've seen plenty of evidence that success hasn't changed Sarah Palin. She's still the real deal, as has been testified to by Skip Coryell and others. Also, at the Daytona 500 earlier this month, it was plain for all to see that money and success haven't changed Sarah Palin one bit:
After the [drivers] meeting ended, her handlers tried to shuttle her out of the room quickly, but Palin couldn't help herself and wanted to talk with anybody who wanted to come and say hi.
Liberals, you see, whether they be of the thoughtful or the unhinged variety, can't resist engaging in class warfare. Must have been all that Marx and Engels they read in college.

Madigan's closing argument has a hole in it so big that you could drive Sarah's big blue Going Rogue tour bus right through it and not scrape the sides:
It will be very hard to explain in a campaign that you walked away from the Alaska governor's office halfway through your term so you could become wealthy by monetizing your popularity with a book, a Fox TV commentary job and a career on the speaking circuit.

Unless, of course, you never intended to seek office again at all and were primarily just interested in taking care of business.
Now we know liberals don't like to do any actual research, but it's no secret that Gov. Palin was facing legal bills of well over half a million dollars, and that was one of the main reasons for her decision to resign.

Bottom line: When liberals try to destroy Sarah Palin, whether it be by the unhinged approach or the "thoughtful" one, they cannot bring themselves to tell the truth. Liberals must really think Palin supporters are stupid to try such a Wyle E. Coyote deception. They should save their time and effort because we're Sheepdogs, and we're not going to fall for it. A coyote is a coyote, even when it tries to disguise itself as a lamb. The stench is the same.

- JP


  1. I, too was offended by Madigan's arguments. As you pointed out, not only did he get the facts wrong concerning her reasons for resigning the governorship, he completely misses the point about her "new-found" wealth.

    The free-market supports good ideas and rewards them. Sarah Palin is a good idea and the story she related in "Going Rogue" was rewarded for its virtues and honesty. Her speaking fees are mainstream for someone that is in demand. Again, I point to free-market principles.

    What the left can't admit is that Sarah Palin is in demand BECAUSE of who she is and her positions. I do not believe that she is a "flash in the pan" as so many liberals hope for.

    We have only begun to see what she can do!

  2. I hope she makes a ton of money she deserves it and has worked hard for that money!! So what they're saying is you have to be poor all the time to relate to "the people". Haaaaa nice try, we just want some honesty and character in a politician. She has that and more!! The left just can't stand her and that's just the way I like it. The more they howl the more we know she is THE ONE!!! "wink wink"

  3. He misses the point of her appeal entirely.
    Americans admire and support Sarah Palin because
    she adheres to her principles. Her record as
    city council member, mayor, head of Alaska oil & gas and governor speaks for itself.

    We think she is a politician we could trust.


    Well done, Josh. Cheers!