Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cline: Palin Detractors and Their Double Standards

In an op-ed published by, Andrew Cline points to two recent events which clearly demonstrate the ludicrous double standard that the mainstream media and their Leftist fellow travellers apply to Sarah Palin:
When recently released e-mails revealed that Palin sought her husband Todd’s advice on numerous issues while she was governor of Alaska, the media gasped in horror. Why, he’s just a snowmobile racer!

Darker musings soon surfaced. The Washington Post “reported” that the e-mails “sent and received by Todd Palin further illuminate the personal quirks, machinations and frustrations of the Palins….” Machinations? Apparently, when male Democratic politicians [Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards] consult their wives, it’s a sign of wisdom and humility. When a female Republican governor consults her husband, there must be a sinister plot afoot.


The other Palin-related controversial non-controversy this past week happened when she was shown to have written a few notes on her hand for her Tea Party Convention speech last Saturday. The Left went bonkers: Oh, she’s so dumb she has to crib her speech!

But if that’s so, what conclusions should we draw from President Obama’s teleprompter habit? Four words on her palm show Palin is dumb, but President Obama can’t deliver a short speech to elementary school kids without reading the whole thing off a Teleprompter – and he’s a genius?
Cline, who is the editorial page editor of the New Hampshire Union Leader, says he's not a Sarah Palinbot, nor does he consider her to be the savior of the Republican party. But the double standards used by the Left and its state-controlled media in all matters concerning Sarah Palin are so outrageous that even some who are not her supporters feel compelled to defend her.

The full Cline opinion piece is here.

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