Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The speeches Sarah Palin never delivered

Visit Top of the Ticket for Andrew Malcom's post on the two speeches, one of which Sarah Palin was to deliver on election night a year ago.

As is typical of the incompetent McCain campaign, the speeches were prepared for the vice presidential candidate to read and then introduce McCain to read his speech, but McCain's people decided that Palin shouldn't speak because it was "unprecedented" for a VP candidate to deliver a concession speech.

Only problem with that excuse is that vice presidential candidate John Edwards delivered a concession speech November 3, 2004 at Faneuil Hall in Boston, Massachusetts following the loss by the Kerry-Edwards ticket in that presidential election,  so there was indeed a precedent for doing so.

We have to ask what the McCain people were afraid of? Did they think that Sarah Palin would walk up to the podium and tell the world what weasels Steve Schmidt and Co. really are?

- JP


  1. Josh, FYI, Palin delivered the comments almost verbatim in her speech to the RGA shortly thereafter. If you go to the RGA YouTube account (I think it's RepGovs) and click on her speech to the RGA Conference just after the election, at about the 6:20 mark in the video, she gives those comments quoted at LA Top of the Ticket.

  2. And if you post that information and decide to give me a hat-tip, could you link the Palin Twibe blog? If you don't post it, well, what good are ya???? haha Just kidding. :-)