Monday, September 13, 2010

Sheppard: Gov. Palin Donates $3,500 Of Her Own Money To Teen Charity

At Recovering Liberal, M. Joseph Sheppard comments on how Sarah Palin is, by her actions, speaking truth to the left's Big Lie and latest meme that she is a "grifter" or something:
Just when they think they are on a roll with this bizarre rant about how Palin (and Beck) were fleecing the dupes in Anchorage at their 9/11 meeting, Palin and Beck's team announces that Palin would not take a cent from the event and Beck is donating his fee to his "Wounded Warriors" charity. Darn it.

And, adding further salt to the wound or further extinguisher to the flame, Palin, the guest speaker [Sunday] at a sold-out fundraiser for Teen Challenge... not only signed a shirt which was auctioned off immediately for $3,500 and then (does this women have no shame?) she went and matched the auction fund with a further $3,500 of her own money!
The left's pathetic lie that Gov. Palin, who has repeatedly demonstrated that she has a servant's heart, is "only in it for the money" is made more disingenuous by the fact that conservatives are by far more generous to charity with their money than "progressives":

How can you tell when a nutroots leftist blogger or liberal media puppet is lying? That's an easy one. It's when they are using their keyboards.

- JP

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