Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sarah Palin Speaks to Pro-Life Crowd in Kansas City

Sarah Palin spoke to a crowd of 1500 in Kansas City Monday at the annual fundraising dinner for the Vitae Foundation, a pro-life organization. The first woman to be the Republican Party's vice presidential candidate shared her experiences as the expectant mother of a down Syndrome baby and voiced her strong pro-life convictions:
She says that the issue of abortion is one that makes the country seem upside-down.

"My daughter can't get her ears pierced without parental consent, but she can get an abortion," said Palin, who then said that changing the laws isn't her prime mission, but to change the hearts and minds of those who are faced with an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.


The ex-governor of Alaska then said that she learned that nearly 85 percent of babies diagnosed with Downs Syndrome in the womb are aborted, which is something that the Vitae Foundation says that they are trying to prevent.


Palin says choosing life isn't always the easiest, but she says it's always the right path.
In her keynote speech, Gov. Palin mostly avoided talk of politics:
But there was one exception: She acknowledged Jacob Turk, the GOP nominee for the 5th Congressional District seat now held by Democrat Emanuel Cleaver.

Palin said Turk had given her a business card that said elected officials must “listen to all, lead with integrity … and champion opportunity. That’s leadership, not politics.”

“I love that motto,” Palin said. She talked briefly about the growing influence of the tea party movement across the country and complained that the mainstream media were seeking to undermine the movement’s momentum.


Other than that, Palin remained focused on the anti-abortion cause. She challenged audience members to help change American culture to one more focused on the sanctity of life. That means encouraging adoption and foster families.

Sitting on the sidelines, Palin said, no longer is acceptable.

In a line that drew ringing applause, Palin added, “We should be our brother and sister’s keeper — not government. Since when has government ever run a business or charity or anything else better than the private sector can? Let’s not look to government on this.”
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