Friday, September 10, 2010

Twitter wars: Sarah Palin 1, Arnold Schwarzenegger 0

On a flight over Alaska, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger took a gratuitous shot at Sarah Palin and missed. Her return fire, however was right on target. In their battle of the tweets, it's Palin 1, Schwarzenegger 0:
His Twitter message Thursday night said he was "looking everywhere but can't see Russia from here," a reference to an infamous remark from Republican then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential campaign.

That prompted a tart response from Palin on Friday.

The former Alaska governor says in her own Twitter message that "Arnold should have landed" so she could explain to him her state's multibillion dollar budget surplus.
Under liberal Schwarzenegger California has a 19 billion dollar budget deficit. When she was governor of Alaska, conservative Sarah Palin's state enjoyed budget surpluses of as much as 5 billion dollars.

Advantage Palin.

Update: AP should know well by now that Gov. Palin never said that she could see Russia from her house. It was Tina Fey who is responsible for the line. But AP, the Anti-Palin wire service, is only too happy to keep the lie alive. That's just one reason why Gov. Palin adopted Bernie Goldberg's "lamestream media" terminology.

As for whether the governor of California knows who is actually responsible for the Russia line, we're sure he is as clueless on that score as he is about how to balance a budget.

- JP


  1. JP, Tina Fey is the one who said "I can see Russia from my house." Sarah said that you can see Russia from parts of Alaska, i.e. Little Diomedes Island.

  2. Well, of course we know that. Everyone in the Palin support community knows that. "Progressives" like Ah-nohld jusr regurgitate the media narrative that she said it, whether or not they know it was actually Tina Fey who said it.

    We've had to correct that lie a thousand times. So we failed to correct it once. We'll correct it.

    - JP

  3. It is so unfair of Sarah to use her rapier wit against one who is so unprotected in the wit division.

    Well done!