Monday, September 13, 2010

Roberts: Sarah Palin's Iowa visit is a clear sign of a 2012 run

Patrick Roberts at Irish Central, has received "a number of disparaging comments" for writing articles which treat Gov. Palin favorably. His latest column about the first woman to be the vice presidential candidate of the Republican party is sure to generate a flurry of Haterade-fueled remarks from the PDS-afflicted. In his piece, he notes that the leftist Guardian newspaper in London is leading with the news that "Irish American Sarah Palin" will headline the Ronald Reagan dinner in Iowa this week. The Guardian's reporter on the ground in Des Moines, Ewen MacAskill, says it's her opening salvo in the race for the 2012 nomination. That comes as no0 surprise to Roberts:
The Iowa diner will solidify her bond with grassroots Iowans, who remember, vote in a caucus system, not a primary.

I can very easily see her winning Iowa and heading for New Hampshire like a runaway train.

Who will stop her? Mitt Romney who has never appealed to the grassroots? Newt Gingrich with his three marriages and decades old shtick?


Larry Sabato, director of the political centre at the University of Virginia says Palin will win Iowa if she runs but thinks she will be a poor general election candidate.

"You are looking at a landslide to the Democrats. There is no one the Democrats want more. Obama would expect to win, even if the economy was bad. She is popular among Republicans but in the country as a whole she is unpopular."

I think Larry has it wrong. If Palin prevails she will be a very powerful contender. And many women will be drawn to her, for the historic nature of her run alone.

Who said after Hillary Clinton failed that we'd never see a woman president.

President Palin has a nice ring to it.
Read Roberts' full Irish Central op-ed here. The Guardian piece he references is here.

- JP

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