Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Quote of the Day (September 7, 2010)

Left-leaning blog The Widdershins:
"Media debasement seems to factor inversely into the Palin equation. They deride her state-school education, her love of hunting, and her working-class spouse. She 'isn’t like us,' they seem to say. Now here’s the bad news: most middle and working class Americans from the South, the Southwest, and the Midwest aren’t either. They are mainly state school graduates, if at all. Many work with their hands. Many more own or work for small business. They don’t know anyone who went to Harvard. Lots and lots of these folks consider the media types to be effete East Coast snobs who haven’t got a clue how real Americans live... Therefore, if the pundits think that she’s awful, she must be even better than they already think that she is. Remember the young African American woman who warned the reporters at the Republican Convention? She said that they would not put up with that kind of treatment of their candidate. Methinks that she was right."
- JP

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