Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nahu: Is there a witch hunt on Bristol Palin?

OMG! A gossip columnist who isn't a serpent of snark like the rest of 'em. We can barely believe it. Yet he exists, and his name is Nahu, a self-described "psychic jounalist." While that claim may be a little up in the air for some, we certainly admire his down to earth attitude:
There’s one clever trick ABC learned during the last season of the Dancing with the Stars – how to generate big ratings by manipulating human emotions.


Hence, their biggest task this season was to figure out who was going to be their next ratings trump card. I think I know who this person is – it’s poor Bristol Palin. No doubt, they really wanted to get Sarah Palin – the woman who creates controversy every time she opens her mouth. However, they couldn’t entice Sarah to join the show, but they did manage to snag her daughter. Good enough!

One of the first articles published in the tabloid press was about Bristol acting like a diva... That was enough to agitate the gullible public. Since the time the cast was announced, people already resented the fact that Sarah Palin’s daughter was invited to join the show.


Some people are even conspiring to boo her off the show. Can you believe how vicious people can be? The public is like a pool of gasoline; it appears calm but if you throw a match into it – it will explode violently! Like wildfire, the hatred for Sarah quickly transferred to Bristol.

Although I am not a political fan of Sarah Palin, I think it is wrong to propagate hatred toward a young woman who hasn’t done anyone harm. She just doesn’t deserve it!
Fair enough, Nahu. One need not be a psychic to have a good heart which has not been consumed by hate.

- JP

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