Thursday, September 9, 2010

No, media tools, Glenn Beck and Gov. Palin are NOT making money off 9/11 event

We expect hysterical leftist sites to slam Sarah Palin for actions she never took, for words she never spoke and for being paid fees she neither asked for nor received. The left never even blinks when it tells a lie about her. But they couldn't care less if they use lies to attack the governor.

That why it's no surprise to see garbage like this from Washington Post left wing columnist Jonathan Capehart:
"Restoring America" apparently wasn't enough for Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. They now appear to be cashing in on the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Politico reports that tickets for their Anchorage, Alaska, event this Saturday range between $65 and $115. If you pony up $200 you get VIP seats.


If building a Muslim community center dedicated to human understanding and tolerance two blocks from Ground Zero "stabs hearts," then how should taking money from people at an event "to commemorate 9/11" be described? Disrespectful. Distatesful. Shameful. Greedy. Narcissistic. Did I leave any adjectives out?
But this statement from a Beck spokesman catches Capehart and a lot of other lying leftists with their adjectives, not to mention their hubris, down around their ankles:
“Glenn had always intended to donate the speaking fee from the event on Saturday, September 11th in Alaska to Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Governor Palin is not and was never going to receive a fee for introducing Glenn at this event.”
To his credit, Capeheart at least posted an update after the fact to reflect the that neither Beck nor Gov. Palin will be making money off of the Anchorage event. He should have also included an apology, because his column was a particularly nasty piece of leftist manure. But at least he posted the correction. Few, if any, nutroots leftist websites will follow suit. The truth just doesn't fit their Haterade-fueled narrative.

We expect a little more, however, from conservatives. We expect conservatives not to jump the gun and simply rush into print with "me too" pieces that just echo what the leftists say when they cast dispersion on Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Like Gov. Palin says, "keep your powder dry" and get the facts before posting accusatory pieces that make other conservatives look bad.

- JP

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