Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 119

"Whistling past the political graveyard" Edition...

David Dittman:
"I will say, to this day, the political graveyards of Alaska—and other places—are filled with the bones of people who underestimated Sarah. And it’s still happening."
Danielle Bean at The Washington Post:
"Palin's detractors are eager to declare that Sarah Palin does not speak for them, but I am proud to stand beside any pro-life woman and say: This woman does speak for me. She speaks for and defends the well-being of all women, whether they want her to or not. She speaks for children too -- both born and unborn. She speaks for true equality between the sexes and every woman's right to dignity and respect. Even if it ruffles some old feminist feathers, it's about time someone said that."
Mark Halperin of TIME Magazine:
"I've said for a while, I thought she was the most powerful person in the Republican Party."
Victoria Jackson at Big Hollywood:
"The perfect Feminist is Sarah Palin. She is beautiful, thin, even athletic, successful, happily married, a good mother and a grandmother. She’s got it all – everything those Suffragettes were fighting for back in 1920. Not only can she vote, she got voted for! And, she was a great Governor. She’s got everything those sixties Gloria Steinem’s wanted. But, the Gloria’s won’t admit it because Sarah thinks 'right.' Liberals want tolerance, but only for themselves."
The Rome Sentinel:
"Rather than ideological extremists, these tea partiers see Sarah Palin-types as common-sense realists who recognize that current government policy is like grit in the gears of [the] economic engine."
Anne Kornblut at The Washington Post:
"Palin has unquestionably played an outsize role in upping the Republican numbers, endorsing several women, including Haley and O'Donnell, who might never have gained sufficient attention otherwise. She has brought to the Republican Party what some members had once complained did not exist: a concerted effort to tap female candidates for promotion and lift them out of obscurity."
Sal Russo of Tea Party Express:
"Gov. Palin is very close to where Ronald Reagan was. Reagan had very conservative, basic American values."
M.Joseph Sheppard at Recovering Liberal:
"Wins by Palin-endorsed Christine O’Donnell in Delaware (in her case, like Miller’s in Alaska, against all the odds) and Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire are further, dramatic, examples that Sarah Palin is reshaping the Republican Party. She is transforming it in a way that even Ronald Reagan or Barry Goldwater could not accomplish."
Mel Bryant at Conservatives 4 Palin:
"I have no idea if the Governor will run for President in 2012, but I do know that she can handle demanding retail politics. How does [Rich] Galen think she was elected Governor of Alaska?"
Debbie at Right Truth:
"Another Revolution has begun in the United States. On one side you have Americans of all persuasions: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, The color spectrum runs from pale White to deepest Black and everything in between; from Red to Blue, from East Coast to West who are fed up with the other side, politicians who longer represent the will of the people. Leading the Revolution is a most unlikely revolutionary, wife, mother, daughter, Sarah Palin. Whether you like her or not, you cannot deny her power."
Dennis Marcellino at The Plague Of Liberalism:
"First let me quote what Dennis Miller said on Bill O’Reilly’s show on why he likes Sarah Palin, 'She’s normal, she’s happy to be normal, and she makes me happy to be normal.'"
Voting American:
"It is becoming increasingly apparent that Sarah Palin may well be [the] last best Hope for restoring America to her former greatness... After November 2, 2010, We the People can continue on with ever growing fervency towards 2012, with Sarah Palin to bring back sanity, honesty, and an end to this Socialist/Marxist/Communist drive of the current administration."
Jon Ward at The Daily Caller:
"Now begins stage two of Sarah Palin’s flirtation with the presidency."
Jeff Crouere at Bayou Buzz:
"Palin has the backbone to stand up to the media elite, the establishment of the Republican Party and her critics. She is a proud conservative and will not deviate from her views to curry favor with the RINO’s who control so much of the Republican Party. She represents a great chance to overthrow the old guard of the GOP and start fresh with a whole new line-up of leaders aligned with the Tea Party movement. In election after election, Palin has demonstrated her political power. With her trip to Iowa this weekend, it seems that Palin might be ready to capitalize on this power and turn her sights toward the ultimate prize, the White House."
Greta Van Susteren at Greta Wire:
"Wherever I go, people are talking Palin... She takes a beating from the media and she just comes out swinging at them. They can't get to her. And now? She is taking charge of the Republican Party."
- JP

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