Friday, September 10, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 114

Special "Vanity FAIL III" Edition

Dr. Gina Loudon at Big Journalism:
"Michael Joseph Gross, the author of the recent Vanity Fair hit piece on Sarah Palin, does not seem to be able to tell the truth. In a new attempt to 'shoot the messenger' (me) rather than admit that his story is concocted, he tries to turn the tables and call my credibility into question. The problem–there are witnesses and logistical impossibilities that expose further problems with his story."
Northern Exposer at Conservative Jedi:
"Michael Gross's 'profile' on Sarah Palin is drawing more and more detractors... Why? Oh, I don't know. Perhaps because it's pure, unadulterated crap!?"
Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man:
"The author of [the Vanity Fair hit-piece against Sarah Palin] has since stated... that 'the worst stuff isn't even in there', and that 'she lies about everything'... I spent several weeks in Alaska last year... During that time I spoke with more than a few people who knew Sarah Palin personally, both her supporters and her opponents... The story from those people is radically different from what's portrayed about Ms. Palin in the mainstream media. Even her political opponents grudgingly conceded to me, in conversation, that she was a very genuine person, who said what she believed and stuck to it. She had their respect as an honest politician, even if they disagreed with her... She simply is not the person the mainstream media want to portray her as being."
Tom Faranda:
"I still haven't read the full [Vanity Fair piece], but Imus, who doesn't like Palin, did. On the radio Tuesday he said it was a hatchet job."
Stacy McCain at The Other McCain:
"Vanity Fair’s Michael Gross today lashed out at his critics and claimed, among other things, that Gina Loudon is lying about him. That’s so unfair, isn’t it, Michael? You have a conversation with someone, then they tell their side of the story in a way that makes you look bad, and . . . well, it just feels kind of wrong, doesn’t it? ... As I said before, every liberal journalist with any influence or ambition is either now writing an anti-Palin book or is trying to hustle a deal for an anti-Palin book. The fact that Sarah Palin isn’t cooperating with writers like Gross (i.e., she’s not helping him get paid to trash her) indicates that she’s not quite as stupid as he thinks she is."
Sally Paradise:
"I am always astounded when the left’s bigotry and smugness is hailed as intellectualism. Vanity Fair, if you want to write about hate and anger then look to the left."
jonjayray at Dissecting Leftism Backup:
"In reading Vanity Fair’s bill of particulars, we wonder, 'Compared to what?' Is Ms. Palin making any more money than the aggregate $100 million collected by good ol’ boy Bill Clinton — as he jetted his way around the globe between 2001 and 2009, offering his 'aw shucks' global initiatives to any creepy foreign thug who would pony up the near-million-dollar fee? Are the now-orphaned Palin children missing their careerist mother more than, say, the Obama children missed their absentee father huckstering on the campaign trail for two years in 2007–2008? And is Ms. Palin really less of a game-eating shooter than the duck-hunting camouflaged John Kerry was in 2004?"
Richard Cochrane at Hypocrisy Reigns Supreme:
"Vanity Fair regurgitated all over Sarah Palin in a nasty 18-page attack in last week’s issue... its article felt purposefully petty, trivial with a streak of hysteria. Frankly I am confused by its neurotic delirium..."
Doug Brady at Conservatives 4 Palin:
"As more people get to know Governor Palin through real, unscripted moments... it will be increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for liberals and their allies in the media to caricature Governor Palin as some bendy-straw demanding diva. The near-universal denunciation of the ridiculously fictitious Vanity Fair hit-piece is evidence that this is already happening. The more people get to know the real Governor Palin, the less traction these outrageous hit pieces will receive (outside of MSNBC and their ilk, that is). Time is on her side, not on theirs. The Left knows this and that is why their attacks are becoming increasingly hysterical, as the Vanity Fair piece demonstrates."
Larry Johnson at No Quarter:
"Passing judgment... seems to be the theme for the week with Vanity Fair publishing the worst kind of baseless smear masquerading as an article by Michael Gross on Sarah Palin, using anonymous sources, and operating from the most misogynistic point of view."
"We’re going to tell you all something, and we want this to be abundantly clear — we stand with Governor Palin in all that she does, all that she hopes to do, so long as we believe she has the best interests of this country in her heart and she continues to fight for Americans in every way she knows how... Governor Palin has consistently stood up for the rights and liberties of all her constituents during her time in elected office — and yes, even the gay ones — and we see her on peer with former Vice President Dick Cheney as one of the Republicans we trust most when it comes to defending gay people against all bullies, wherever they may be found (hint: they’re usually on the Left, funded by the DNC, and not on the Right where state media tells you they are…Fred Phelps, the most gay-hating closet case in the known universe is a Democrat)."
Katrina Trinko at NRO's The Corner:
"While Vanity Fair writer Michael Joseph Gross has admitted he erred... he still hasn’t retracted any of the other inaccuracies in his Sarah Palin piece. And there are plenty."
Mark Whittington at Associated Content:
"In the wake of the now infamous Vanity Fair hit piece, of which now even the author is admitting may have some errors in it, Sarah Palin's acerbic reaction to the piece is now being spun into a manufactured controversy... Sarah Palin is now being accused of gay bashing... Imagine whatever prurient imagery you would like. Palin was not attacking Gross's sexual preference. She was attacking his writing ability, his journalistic ethics, and his virility, the last especially treasured by any man no matter who or what he prefers to sleep with."
"You know it's bad for Vanity Fair when even liberals like Ben Smith, Dave Weigel, and Kirsten Powers are defending Governor Palin and conceding that the Vanity Fair Hit Piece is questionable."
Patrick S. Adams at Patrick's World USA:
"You can't take the kinds of punches Sarah Palin has taken for the past two years and still be standing - and standing even stronger and taller than you were before you took the punches - unless there is something really weak with the attacker, something really strong about the punch taker or a combination of both... While the smears against Sarah Palin will continue (the smear campaign against Ronald Reagan continued throughout his entire presidency), you can mark this down: the Vanity Fair 18 page empty shell will come to symbolize the moment when the smear campaign became impotent and limp... The smears the Left passed around to each other like syphilis may have once created a false apprehension in the less astute reader, voter, independent or moderate; but ultimately even these people will find that Palin is more palatable than they've been led to believe, especially if they are suffering 'buyer's remorse' over Obama."
- JP

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