Friday, September 10, 2010

Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q. Public: Meghan McCain's book, a tale told by a useful idiot

Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q. Public have teamed up again at NewsReal Blog, where they take apart Meghan McCain and her book in "10 Reasons Meghan McCain’s Dirty Sexy Politics Should Have Been Called Ironic Clueless Narcissist." Excerpts follow:
Meghan McCain is not a big fan of Sarah Palin, as her book clearly indicates even if she tries to cover it up with back-handed compliments. Her Palin dislike started prior to even knowing that Palin was her father’s choice for running mate. You see, his choice was a secret, for obvious reasons. Well, obvious to anyone but Meghan McCain. She wrote:
"I still had no idea who my father’s running mate was. It was mystifying how unplugged-in I was..."
Yeah, no. There is no big mystery there, toots. You aren’t the most clever – hence the need to spell it out for you – nor the most discreet person around, that’s why. Also, you were, in a rare glimmer of good sense, not one of your father’s campaign advisors. Meghan’s dislike escalated further once it became clear that Sarah Palin was garnering a huge amount of attention. That doesn’t suit! Plus, Sarah Palin came from Alaska with JC Penney suits. Double crime.

Meghan reveals that she thought Palin was a ” time bomb” and that Palin “brought drama, stress, complications, panic and loads of uncertainty.” Meghan probably has never heard of that whole pot calling kettle black thing, because it’s Racist ™ and she’s super enlightened. But, even worse, she takes her frustrations out on the Palin children.
"Word went out that we weren’t supposed to swear in front of the Palins, or at least, all the little Palins. … But, at the same time, I had to wonder why there was a seven-year old girl riding on a campaign bus, whether staff was swearing around her or not"
Sigh. She then goes onto say that she was never urged to join Dad on the campaign trail. Meggie was all ticked that she couldn’t say the F word (she’s so edgy!) on the bus because Piper Palin was on it. So, she slammed Palin for having her kids travel with the campaign. After she begged to come along on the campaign trail herself. Plus, Piper was 7 years old at the time and Sarah is her Mama. Is she saying that moms should choose between career and children? Can’t a woman run for office and still mother and nurture her 7-year-old child by bringing her along whenever and wherever possible? I think you can, you know, control your cursing for a couple of hours on a darn bus, oh enlightened one.

The most ironic Palin bash, however, was this bit, in Chapter 13:
"I longed for a simpler scene and a simpler running mate; a straight ahead and experienced politician like good, old Joe Lieberman, who always kept it real and didn’t make himself the center of drama or chaos..."


"...when they arrived from Alaska and unpacked their bags, they brought drama, stress, complications, panic, and loads of uncertainty. And they brought a tabloid-attention-getting quality that my family has never had – and, God willing, never will."
Excuse me whilst we pick ourselves up from the floor, where we’ve collapsed in a fit of hysterics. The center of drama or chaos? Does she not own any mirrors? Oh, my. Bless her tabloid-attention-getting – by choice – heart.
Ouch! That's gonna leave a scar. You can read the full evisceration here.

- JP

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