Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gov. Palin delights crowd of 5,000 in Waco

From Waco Tribune-Herald staff writer Wendy Gragg:
Sarah Palin applauded Care Net on Tuesday night for its anti-abortion efforts in Waco, and the crowd of thousands at the Ferrell Center returned the favor.

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate, as the keynote speaker at Care Net’s annual fundraising banquet, spoke about politics, being anti-abortion and her own personal experience with pregnancy and having a special-needs child.

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas helps women through crisis pregnancies.

Palin bonded with the crowd over talk of Baylor University basketball — she said she’s a fan — and Dr Pepper hour, and even the school’s bear mascots, Lady and Joy.

“Baylor — the bears. I’m all about mama grizzlies,” she said, though Baylor’s bears are North American black bears.

She elicited roars from the crowd with hunting stories and by drawing parallels between Alaska and the Lone Star State, with their “independent and pioneering spirit.”

Her speech was riddled with stabs at the “lamestream” media and instances in which she said they have gotten the story wrong. Then she moved into her personal story of having a baby with Down syndrome and her daughter Bristol’s teen pregnancy.
KWTX's Eli Ross reported:
"Sarah Palin knows how to work a room. There is no doubt about that."

"Palin delighted around 5,000 people Tuesday night at the Ferrell Center, during a fundraiser for Care Net Pregnancy Center of Central Texas."
KYTX also covered the event:
Palin started with a very light tone, joking about the similarities and differences between Texas and Alaska.

She quickly turned, though, to her main reason for speaking.


Palin drew sharp comparisons between groups like Care Net, that she says empower women, and pro choice groups, that she says bring women down.
KCEN's package for the 10 PM newscast:

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