Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just call her 'Lost Cause Lisa'

Even though the Libertarian Party of Alaska's executive committee met Aug. 29 and unanimously voted against putting Lisa Murkowski on its ticket, some Murkowski supporters have continued to try to convince the Libertarians to allow the Senator to run as the party's candidate in the general election. But The Anchorage Daily News' Sean Cockerham reports that the effort has all the markings of a lost cause:
Sen. Lisa Murkowski met with Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate David Haase on Tuesday to talk about taking his place and running on the Libertarian ticket. But Alaska Libertarian Party Chairman Scott Kolhaas said after the meeting that "I don't think it's happening."


For Murkowski to run as a Libertarian, Haase would have to step aside and the party would need to reverse its vote barring her from the ticket.

"It would be a serious flip-flop," party chairman Kohlhaas said. "And I don't think it's happening."

Murkowski did not respond to repeated requests for an interview from the Daily News. But she told The Associated Press she's not a quitter and is "still in this game."
It's difficult to see how she can still be in the game when the only path open to her is to run as a write-in candidate. Still, Murkowski's endorsement, which she so far has denied the candidate who defeated her in the GOP primary, would be helpful to Joe Miller, who was interviewed by NRO's Robert Costa:
“We’re giving her some space,” he says. “She’ll come around in her own time. We certainly would like to have her support. We want all Republicans behind this candidacy.”

Regardless of when or if Murkowski comes onboard, Miller knows that he already has another high-profile Alaska Republican on his side: former governor Sarah Palin. Palin endorsed Miller early in the primary, a move he calls “critical” to his success. “I think the world of [the Palin family],” he says. “Their involvement in this race will remain up to them.” On September 11, Palin is reportedly joining Glenn Beck of Fox News in Anchorage for a rally. Will Miller join the pair? “There has been some contact [between camps],” he says, but he tells us that for the moment, he is unsure whether he will attend.
Those Murkowski supporters mentioned in the ADN story who continue to push the Senator down the path of lost causes and away from endorsing Miller are reported to be Andrew Halcro and John Bitney, both of whom have life grudges against Sarah Palin.

Meanwhile, a reminder from Stacy McCain that Murkowski and her pals are running out of time and can't continue to pursue their fool's errand much longer.

- JP

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