Friday, September 17, 2010


Iowa means many things to many people, from farmers to football fans. For press and pundits, politicians and political junkies, every four years or so Iowa becomes a Mecca of sorts to which pilgrimages must be made. But when Sarah Palin goes to Iowa to speak at the state GOP's Ronald Reagan Dinner, the press and pundits go a little crazy, and the politicians and political junkies extend their antennae in the direction of The Hawkeye State. A multitude of articles appear in the press speculating on what it may reveal about Gov. Palin's intentions regarding 2012. she keeps those intentions to herself, which only ratchets up the speculation. In one such article, Dan Balz makes the understatement, "Interest in Palin's visit here Friday is strong":
More than 1,000 people are expected to attend the dinner, according to Danielle Plogmann, communications director for the Iowa Republican Party. She said that is the biggest crowd for a Reagan Day dinner in recent memory.

The Des Moines Register reported in its Friday editions that more than 50 news organizations have asked for credentials for the dinner, including foreign press.
And even Gov. Palin's colleagues at Fox News are speculating:

Depending on her closely-held political plans -- if they exist and she's not just waiting for The Man Upstairs to open that door -- Gov. Palin could possibly deliver the speech of her political life in a few hours. And if she truly wants to be the first woman President of the United States -- as she was the first woman to be Governor of Alaska and first woman officially designated by the Republican Party as its vice presidential candidate -- it will be an address second only to her 2008 RNC acceptance speech. If she harbors no such designs, something a dwindling number of observers still believe, it will be just another speech. Regardless of her intentions, this will be Sarah Palin's best opportunity to offer a tribute worthy of her political hero, Ronald Reagan.

We'll be among the millions who will be watching and listening on C-SPAN.

- JP

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