Saturday, September 18, 2010

Iowa: After the Speech

Here's a sampling from the Iowa media...

The Des Moines Register has several articles, blog posts and a photo gallery:

Quotes from Sarah Palin speech at Iowa GOP Reagan Dinner
Reaction to Sarah Palin speech by Iowa Republican activists
Kim Reynolds, a Palin admirer, among those at pre-speech reception
Punctual Palin pokes primary pouters
Palin pumps up Iowa party faithful
Photo Gallery: Sarah Palin in Des Moines

Dave Davidson was also busy with a camera, and his photos from the dinner are here.

Gov. Palin's speech impressed The Iowa Republican: "Sarah Palin Shines in Iowa Foreshadowing of 2012 Return"

Surprisingly fair coverage from Soros-funded The Iowa Independent.

Andrew Duffelmeyer of posted his take here.

Radio Iowa's O. Kay Henderson live blogged the dinner here.

At Caffeinated Thoughts, our friend Shane Vander Hart blogged about Gov. Palin's speaker's fee for her keynote address last night: "There was none."

- JP

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