Friday, September 17, 2010

Gov. Palin Returns to Dallas in November

As we reported last month, Sarah Palin will return to the Metroplex area in November to speak at a fundraiser for Heroic Media, a pro-life group which reaches out to women who face unexpected pregnancies. The event will be held at Dallas' Majestic Theater:
Heroic Media president, Brian Follett, said the organization is pleased to have Palin speak. “We are honored to have her share her personal experiences regarding the Life issue with us,” he said.

Heroic Media, a Majella Cares Outreach, is a faith-based non-profit that places television, internet and billboard advertisements to help women facing unexpected pregnancies. Their advertisements provide help line numbers that connect women with pregnancy resource centers. Since Heroic Media began operations in Austin Texas six years ago, the abortion ratio there has dropped 24 percent. The abortion ratio is the number of abortions for every 1,000 live births.

Because Heroic Media celebrates the heroism of motherhood, Executive Director Mike Murray said it was fitting to invite Palin to speak. “Sarah’s faith and commitment to protecting life at every stage is evident in her words and actions,” he said.


For sponsorship information, call 214-491-0026.

Tickets will be available online soon here. Gov Palin has teamed up with Heroic Media before, appearing before a crowd of 1,500 at an Austin event in April. She was most recently in Dallas April 30 at a fundraiser for a local pregnancy center. The governor also made a stop in Plano in December as part of her Going Rogue book tour.

Other Texas events on Sarah Palin's schedule include a Heroic Media fundraiser in Houston and an October Women of Joy conference in San Antonio. She was in Waco last Tuesday for a CareNet fundraiser which draw a crowd of 5,000 to the Baylor University campus.

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