Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gov. Palin is speaking in Central Texas tonight

Sarah Palin is speaking at Care Net of Central Texas tonight. If she stays true to form, she'll mostly eschew talk of politics and speak on the pro-life movement at the banquet, as she has done at other pro-life events this week. Deborah McGregor is CareNert's CEo, and she said tonight's event is the culmination of years of work:
"We started working with Governor Palin's office two years ago when all of us saw her struggle with her own daughter's crisis pregnancy and then also learned she had had a child diagnosed with Down's Syndrome," McGregor says.

Palin will be speaking to about 3,000 people, including big supporter Carol Waddell. "She's a strong, conservative woman who really sticks to her principles and for her to come to Waco to an event like this is really exciting. I was really excited for Care Net to get her to come speak."

And McGregor is hoping Palin's speech will do more than just sound good, but will strengthen their pro-life movement. "Our hope is that she will, that this will be a catalyst for change for Waco, that the culture will change, that rather then being a town where we take life, that we're a town where we nurture life."
KCEN-TV's news department contacted the Planned Parenthood in Waco, but says the pro-abortion group had no comment on the fundraiser or Gov. Palin's visit.

- JP

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