Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ed Rollins: Primaries prove Palin, Tea Party are for real

Ed Rollins,who was political director for the Reagan White House, is currently a senior political contributor for CNN. He comments on the political primary season which wrapped up Tuesday:
The Tea Party is for real! Sarah Palin is the woman!

Whether mainstream Republicans or the political class like it, she is the darling of the angry, motivated voters out there and her endorsement counts big time, at least in Republican primaries.

Forget Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell's endorsement. In May, he couldn't even get his hand-picked candidate the nomination in a state he is supposed to control. You want to win, get support from Senator Jim DeMint, chairman of the conservative Senate Republican Steering Committee, or former Majority leader and Tea Party activist Dick Armey.

Not every Palin-endorsed candidate won, but she certainly was a major player in taking unknown candidates and getting them across the finish line. The winners in the Senate primaries yesterday in New Hampshire and Delaware yesterday were just added to that list.

I can't remember any political cycle where the Republican establishment took the mugging its taken over the last few months.

Read the full Rollins political analysis here.

- JP

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