Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dr. Gina Loudon: Gross and VF still owe Sarah Palin an apology

Dr. Gina Loudon, who exposed Michael Joseph Gross as a liar for the Vanity Fair hit piece that he wrote about Sarah Palin, says in a Big Journalism op-ed that the smear merchant and the mendacious magazine both owe Gov. Palin an apology:
He falsely reported that Sarah somehow disregarded her child at an event, when he knew the child was mine, and I took him from the Governor who was holding him right up until she was walking on stage.

He did not apologize to Sarah Palin, to me, or to either of our children, for the record. He also has not retracted the other 99 lies in the piece. At least not yet.

He accuses Sarah Palin of creating fictitious PACs to “hide” money she is supposedly collecting from all of these groups. He speaks specifically in his piece about the “Take America Back” rally where the Governor, and I spoke, among others.


The right thing to do is to write a formal apology to Sarah Palin, her family, and all liberty-loving patriots across the country. We are a forgiving lot. If you could manage that level of honesty, you would be shocked at the good things that would come your way, not the least of which is your right to continue to write whatever you believe about whatever topic you desire. How ironic that we, your targets, are actually the ones who might save your job for you.

Perhaps you have already apologized, in a backhanded kind of way. I think your piece (which has been rebuked by liberals and conservatives alike) may have pushed anyone who doubted the Palins square into their corner. You may have done more for her than a million dollars worth of marketing. You may have boosted her shot at the White House. We may all be thanking you for that one day. You betcha’!
Read Dr. Loudon's full Big Journalism article here.

- JP

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