Thursday, September 16, 2010

Castle campaign disses Delaware voters for not electing their guy

From the stuck on stupid campaign of failed candidate Mike Castle comes an e-mail which basically chastises the state's voters for electing Christine O'Donnell instead of Castle:
Some 30,500 Republicans have embarrassed the dickens out of the state of Delaware by voting for a candidate who has no chance of winning the general election, is a verifiable liar and cheater with no known means of employment other than her campaign money and has nothing to claim as a campaign platform other than whatever the tea party stands for.


This is a woman who will stoop as low and often as necessary to fool voters who, for the most part, know nothing about her or her so-called policies or positions.
Excuse us, but attacking the voters for not annointing your candidate the day after the election, besides being petty and vindictive, doesn't seem like the smartest move. It's more than just sour grapes; it reeks of waspish whine.

Guess that endorsement is out of the question, then...

- JP

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