Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mentions, Part 45

" Dreams of his father and a weak, socialist America" Edition...

Jonathan Tobin:
"When asked by Stephanopoulos about the latest round of vicious personal insults directed at him by Ahmadinejad... the worst thing Obama could say about the Iranian was to compare him with Sarah Palin, whose spot-on criticism of the administration’s nuclear policy he dismissed with contempt. A man who doesn’t see much of a distinction between a domestic political opponent and a Holocaust-denying anti-Semitic tyrant is missing a moral compass. But then again, this is the same person who has chosen to wage diplomatic war on Israel while engaging Iran and appeasing Russia."
Gary Gross:
"It appears that Sarah Palin has had the last laugh on yet another issue... President Obama attempted to paint Gov. Palin as inexperienced. Instead, he gave Gov. Palin the platform to paint President Obama as inept and unqualified for the presidency. Put in simple timeline form, Gov. Palin ’shot’ first, President Obama attempted to belittle Gov. Palin only to have Gov. Palin get the final, definitive word in on the argument... This is what happens when you ask a toy president to be the leader of the free world: Things get ugly quickly."
Frank Gaffney:
"Sarah Palin has clearly gotten under President Obama's skin with her sharp critique of his wooly-headed pursuit of U.S. denuclearization. In response, Mr. Obama felt compelled to note that he wasn't acting on his own. He told ABC News last week, 'If the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are comfortable with it, I'm probably going to take my advice from them and not from Sarah Palin...' In fact, it appears to have taken the policy-equivalent of sustained waterboarding to bring the Pentagon leadership around to support much of Mr. Obama's anti-nuclear agenda."
Ellie Velinska:
"Ironically Obama who will not retaliate if a foreign country gases the USA readily engaged in a Nuclear War of words with Sarah Palin... The cheap shot at Palin prompts the public to take another look at Barack Obama’s experience in the realm of the nuclear disarmament. What we know so far is that he wrote a paper on the Soviet disarmament while in college... the only evidence of some nuclear experience in the Obama job resume."
Ed Ross:
"Palin, conservatives like Krauthammer and Bolton, and the majority of Americans understand that human nature hasn’t changed. The more uncertainty in the minds of our enemies about how we will respond to any attack, the more likely we are to deter one. As Palin’s playground comment suggests, let’s not tempt our adversaries to use any weapon of mass destruction against us, potentially killing hundreds of thousands of Americans, and force an American president to sacrifice thousands more to retaliate using only conventional means."
Michael Eden:
"Apparently, the American people have decided that the last time they checked, Sarah Palin is more of an expert on nuclear issues than Obama will ever be... Sarah Palin has just kept looking smarter and smarter after your tenure as the failure-in-chief. You’ve repeatedly tried to demagogue Sarah Palin as some sort of stupid and crazed ninny, Barry Hussein. And it definitely hurt her image in the short term. But now the American people think she has more wisdom and more common sense than they think you’ve got on the most fundamental issue a president can be evaluated on. What have you got to say about that?"
Gary P. Jackson:
"Obama has insulted and alienated every single ally we have, while at the same time emboldening all of the world’s bad actors. This is the worst kind of situation to be in. Thanks to Obama, and his total ineptness, the world is in more peril than at anytime in history. Thankfully Sarah Palin is out there keeping the pressure on Obama like no one else can. America needs strong leadership and time and time again Sarah Palin is proving to be the one with the courage to provide it."
Kristi Keck:
"Former Republican Rep. J.C. Watts said if he had to guess whether Palin would run in 2012, at this point, he'd say no. 'I think she has positioned herself to be a kingmaker, probably not the king,' he said. But before writing off the possibility of a White House run, just remember Palin is never one to do the expected."
Michael Tyzuk:
"When people look at Sarah Palin they see something different: they see their kind of person, someone who isn't above shopping at Wal-Mart or sitting in a fast-food burger joint with the spouse and the kids. They see someone who is surprisingly approachable and down to earth, in a way that few others have been in recent memory. Can you imagine just what a windfall a person like this could be to a struggling Republican party whose one and only saving grace at the moment is that they're not the Democrats? Can you imagine the kind of grass-roots support could be drummed up across the nation when your rallying figure is the one person on the entire political stage that the electorate sees as an average, ordinary, every day person?"
Ken Hughes:
"Sarah Palin goes to a cross roads gas pump in the Nevada desert and 25 thousand people show up to hear what she has to say. Harry Reid, Chairperson of the United States Senate, goes to the same cross roads gas pump and attracts fewer than 100 people. The first words out of [Reid's] mouth was those 25 thousand Tea Partiers were all idiots for [listening] to Palin. Any politician who can afford to p!ss off 25 thousand Nevadans is either himself an idiot or just plain stupid. I vote for stupid."
Clifton B:
"The funny thing about Palin’s newfound wealth, is that it never could have been possible had her enemies not tried to bankrupt her with frivolous ethics complaints. Palin’s main reason for stepping down as governor early was because those frivolous ethics complaints were costing Alaska millions and personally bankrupting her. Had these complaints never happened, Palin would have had to wait until her term was over before she could have published and promoted Going Rogue. She certainly would not have been able to collect a dime from Fox News or her speaking fees. Many are taking Palin’s windfall as a sign she will not run in 2012. However, it is worth noting that having a large personal fortune makes running for president a whole lot easier. Even Obama got wealthy [off] his two memoirs before running for office."
Reverend Amy:
"How dare she. How DARE Palin use criticism with Obama! Women are not supposed to do this. Obama sure can, though. Magically, when he does it, it is just A-Okay... You know, I am so sick and tired of this double standard. It is fine and dandy for Obama to make deprecating, belittling, sarcastic comments to Hillary throughout the Primaries... fine for him to do the same to McCain, and Palin, during the Election, fine for him to do it to Palin, and the Republicans, heck - ANYONE who doesn't think he walks on water - and that he's 'funny,' 'witty,' and 'quick on his feet.' Please."
John G. Winder:
"If you want to look for resentment of Palin’s success, look no further than those on the left... You’re the ones who hate success and really, really hate Sarah Palin. First you told us Sarah Palin was too stupid to accomplish anything. 'Joke,' 'Idiot,' and 'Moron' were the words you used to exemplify your hallmark of tolerance as a party and an ideology. Then, when Sarah Palin stepped out into the private world and in just one year became a phenomenon of success and admiration, you began attacking her for being successful. So which is it? Is she too dumb to tie her own shoes, or is she now too successful to be popular with poor old Joe Six-Pack? The left is a vile hate machine."
"Deranged Palin-haters, determined to go to any lengths necessary in order to find something ... anything ... with which to smear a private citizen with no government authority ... dug through the garbage at California State University -- Stanislaus to recover what they claim is Sarah Palin's contract for a speech given at the university. The document --- which was found mysteriously intact amid piles of shredded documents --- purports to show that Mrs. Palin requires (clutch the pearls!) first-class airfare to the location of the speech, a nice hotel, and bottles of water at her podium. I know. I know. How dare that wolf-killing, Obama-criticizing, hand-note-writing, Arctic-Cat parka wearing, meth-dealing, she-devil with the **** daughter, the baby who should have been aborted (and probably isn't hers anyway) and the meth-head son who joined the army to avoid prosecution for vandalism and who is probably gay ... woman dare to request the same level of accommodation most any other speaker at her level of demand would. If she did."
Kyle-Anne Shiver:
"John McCain’s fatal mistake in the election was his failure to see his opponent for the socialist zealot he is, which all of Obama’s prior history and chosen associations revealed. Sarah Palin, to her everlasting credit, did not make this mistake. That Palin sees through Obama, and has from the beginning, would seem to be behind liberals’ shrill fear of her. She evokes spine-tingling, quaking-in-their-Gucci-pumps kind of fear in every big government nanny and in the whole host of media’s leftist pimps. Tea partiers must cling unflinchingly to this clear revelation about Obama, and never be taken in by seemingly conciliatory moves he might make or speeches he might give, and march all the way to irrevocable victory... Whether highly educated or not so much, tea partiers on the whole have the one thing so many on the left, and especially in this particular administration, lack: real-world experience."
- JP

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