Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Video: Sarah Palin on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


h/t: Palin TV

- JP


  1. Hey Jay, we're going old school tonight. lol
    That was classic!! When Romney said that Sarah is qualified to be POTUS, I know David Lettrman wanted to punch Romney in the mouth or at the least curse him out. lol I'm not sure if Mitt believes his own words but, I think he had to say it one way or the other. He can't afford to alienate Sarah's base, because he knows he will need them if he wins the nomination. I don't expect David to invite Romney on his show anytime soon. Mitt didn't play the role of Letterman's useful idiot in going after Sarah.

  2. So Jay likes to watch MSNBC huh? Well, he can count himself among the very few who do. The content of MSNBC is about either Obama being so great and Sarah Palin being very bad with other content being that conservatives are racist. blah blah blah