Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tulsa World: Palin criticizes expanded government, federal spending

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck spoke at the Tulsa Convention Center Saturday to kickoff the "Taking Back Our Country Tour." Gov. Palin talked about "a growing movement across this country" and said that Americans need to keep in mind that government should work for them and not the other way around. Shannon Muchmore covered the event for the Tulsa World:
Palin told the packed crowd that regular, everyday Americans are standing up to politicians in Washington who don't listen to what the people want.

"We understand what they're trying to do to this country," she said. "We understand it and we don't like it. That's why we're taking our country back."

Palin took a few shots at President Barack Obama - whom the crowd booed - and the leadership in Congress.

Expanded government and continued federal spending will hurt the country, she said.

"There is no need for a fundamental transformation of America," she said. "No thank you, Mr. President, you can keep that change."

During his speech, Beck said that if the country doesn't change its direction, Americans will be remembered as greedy, corrupt and riddled with debt.

"If we don't change our course, that's what will be written into the history books," he said. "The winners write the history books, and if we don't change, we are losers."
Read the TW full story here. A report from Tulsa station KOTV is here.

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