Saturday, March 13, 2010

AFP claims Sarah Palin "confirmed" for May 1 event

Americans For Prosperity is claiming that Sarah Palin is "confirmed" to speak at its Defending The American Dream Summit in Clarkston, Michigan, a bedroom community in the northern Detroit suburbs. The event, which will be held at Mt. Zion Church, is described by the organizers as a grassroots gathering:
"You can send a powerful message to the politicians, special interests, and the mainstream media by taking part in the Defending the American Dream Summit - Michigan."

"On May 1st in Michigan, you can join America’s foremost free-market voices, top experts on grassroots mobilization, and Michigan’s largest gathering of grassroots leaders from across the state in a massive show of force for our shared belief in lower taxes and more limited government.
One caveat -- the governor is also scheduled to speak in Independence, Missouri on that same date, according to activist group Preserving American Liberty (PAL). Though Gov. Palin's appearance at neither event has been confirmed by her or an authorized representative, it is possible she could make both. The Independence event will take place from 1PM to 7PM CDT, and the event in Michigan has been set for 8AM to 4 PM EDT. So, it is conceivable that she could speak in the morning in Michigan, catch a flight to Kansas City, and and arrive in Independence in time to deliver an address in the evening.

We will have more details on both events as they become available.

h/t: Right Michigan

- JP

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