Friday, March 12, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mentions, Part 37

"Oh, the humanity!" Edition...

"We believe the 45th President will be a woman, and she will take office in 2013. That woman will either be Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, depending on whether or not Dr. Utopia does not run for a second term, in which case Clinton will be the president…or if he decides on foolishly trying to Hopey-change his way through another election, the Palins will move into the White House in January 2013."
Dave Cook:
"Conservative political star Sarah Palin was the last candidate to successfully challenge an incumbent governor when she defeated Frank Murkowski in Alaska’s 2006 Republican primary election. In fact, incumbent governors have lost to challengers only 25 times since the 1940s, according to data compiled by the non-partisan Cook Political Report. US Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison was the latest candidate to try and fail when she sought to thwart Texas Gov. Rick Perry in his bid for a third full term."
Shawn Mallow:
"The Huffington Post, in its continuing attempt to beat out The Daily Kos as the official source for Palin-bashing, ran a story describing the supposed antics of Governor Palin and her 'entourage' at something called an 'Oscar gifting suite.'... Oh, the humanity! One small problem: None of it was true."
Another Black Conservative:
"The... Palin 'controversy' that... the Leno show supposedly piped in laughter to make Palin’s jokes appear funnier than they were... was tramped down by other eyewitness accounts... Jon Stewart... who is not a right-winger by any stretch of the imagination, thought Palin’s performance was good. That pretty much tells us how much of currency we should give this 'controversy'."
Laura Bischoff:
"With thousands of adoring fans in the [Ohio Right to Life] audience, her speech was fantastic and I found her to be far more comfortable speaking than she was just a few weeks ago at the TEA party convention. She was just as smooth and eloquent as Mitt Romney… except Palin is actually conservative."
Page Six:
"While most stars were loading up on swag from the Oscar gifting suites, Sarah Palin left one of them with less than when she arrived. The former vice-presidential candidate made a $1,700 donation to the Red Cross for Haiti and Chile at a swag suite at LA's Interior Illusion store Wednesday. A spy said, 'She picked up a ton of gifts, but she gave the lot to the Red Cross, along with a cash donation. The only thing she took for herself was a bottle of Ty Ku sake.'"
The Note:
"During his Friday appearance at the National Press Club, Mitt Romney was asked about Sarah Palin drawing bigger ratings Tuesday night on Leno than he did on Letterman. 'I've got to come up with better material, I'm afraid,' quipped Romney."
Ilana Angel:
"Why is it, that just because I do not agree with Sarah Palin and her politics, I need to hate her? Who is so superior to think that it is okay to hate based on things that, on the most basic of levels, don’t really matter? What a lovely world it would be if were able to define ourselves as people first. Imagine the future we would be giving to our children, if being a good person, was more important than the color of our skin, or who we vote for... Shabbat Shalom Sarah Palin."
Rick Moran:
"Since he left office, Republicans running for president have been trying to claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan in order to connect to the bulk of GOP voters who still have great admiration and affection for the Gipper... Reagan's pragmatic idealism, his ease in public, and his heartfelt conservatism would have made him a fan of Sarah Palin."
Michael K. McIntyre:
"Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made a detour as she shook hands and chatted up about a hundred guests at a private Right to Life fundraiser Saturday at the Gates Mills home of Umberto Fedeli... Palin, with her daughter Piper being entertained upstairs by Fedeli's children, worked her way through the basement trattoria personally greeting all of the guests and a number of GOP statewide candidates. She even popped in to the kitchen to chat with Carl Quagliata of Giovani's Ristorante as he sliced fresh-baked pizzas. 'Do you cook?' Quagliata asked. 'Not like that,' Palin answered."
Marc Schenker:
"Kathy Griffin took her comically challenged act on the road to Anchorage... performing for a lowbrow crowd which can only be described as getting off on profane, sexual innuendo-humor directed at Sarah Palin. As if this piece of distastefulness wasn't enough, perhaps equally surprising was the person who escorted Griffin on stage for her profane, anti-Palin performance: none other than Levi Johnston... the deadbeat dad, Playgirl centerfold/poser, and aspiring model/'actor.' Clearly... all ingredients were in place for a low-minded, misogynistic, anti-Palin good time. Or, as the liberals like Griffin call it, letting off steam due to the failure of Obama to deliver on health care and other promises."
"Of course, conservatives would never deliberately place the photograph of a politician we loved in the place of the Messiah. But knowing liberals were serious when they did it with [Obama], it just gives the lie to this absurdity about Palin believing she is God-like or Christian-conservatives believing it as well. No, Sarah Palin is not Jesus Christ. She merely believes in Him, just like we do."
M.Joseph Sheppard:
"Lincoln Day celebrations give an opportune time to look at what was said about Lincoln as he set about his run for the presidency. He, like Palin, was subject to endless lies, slander, invective, personal attacks about his looks and family. There is no need to catalogue the endless list of similar contumelies directed at Palin, it is all so tedious and dreary, childish, facile and ignorant. But it is instructive to have a brief look at what was said about Lincoln and to see the echoes with Palin."
Patrick S. Adams:
"Thanks to the Alaska Bloggers, it has now been brought to the attention of Todd Palin's racing team that one of their sponsors is connected to Citgo, the wholly owned national oil company of Venezuela... As a result of the efforts of Jeanne Devon, the Houston based.. Mystik Oil company will probably lose their sponsorship of the Iron Dog race and the Davis team. Now that it has been brought to Todd Palin's attention, it would only make sense that they and the organization that runs the Iron Dog will cut their ties to the company... If some people in Texas lose their jobs and a few families that have nothing to do with the Palins are ruined, that's merely collateral damage in the war being waged in the Palinosphere. I'm sure Ms. Devon doesn't mind hurting innocent people if she can save America from Sarah Palin. It's for the greater good, of course, at least in her twisted mind."
Patrick S. Adams:
"The smear campaign will never end. We learned this with Ronald Reagan. Even after the Berlin Wall came down, liberals who hated him couldn’t stomach it. Instead they gave all the credit to Mikhail Gorbachev. What did happen, however, is that the American people reached a point somewhere between 1976 and 1980 where they decided to no longer believe the media at face value. Analysts and historians tell us that Reagan short circuited the smear campaign against him by going around the media. The American people listened to his radio addresses and read his op-ed pieces much like they read Sarah Palin’s op-eds, tweets and facebook page. Win or lose, Palin will only get a fair trial in the court of public opinion once everyone knows the truth about the smear campaign against her."
- JP

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  1. Here she comes, KC: Sarah Palin is headed this way

    A group called Preserving American Liberty is bringing Sarah Palin to Kansas City on May 1.

    PAL is sponsoring a one-day "activism" event that will "not only address today’s top issues, but also show ordinary citizens how they can participate in government from local town hall meetings all the way up to the national political stage."

    From PAL website: