Friday, March 5, 2010

Liberal who defended Sarah Palin gets lots of hate mail

Ilana Angel, a liberal Democrat who had a chance encounter with Sarah Palin and blogged about it, was on the receiving end of an e-mail tsunami because she said that despite their political differences, she found Gov. Palin to be a nice person, and she liked her. In a follow-up post, Ilana discusses the responses she received, which generally fell into two camps:
Conservatives wrote fast and furious to let me know they respected the bravery of my article, considering I was not a supporter of Sarah as a politician. I think it’s a sad day in America when people feel the need to commend you for being decent.

Liberals wrote to say that I took my picture with Hitler, was fraternizing with the enemy, and should be ashamed of myself. Six of my “friends” were so disgusted with my blog, that they decided to “un-friend” me on Facebook.

Listen to me people, just because you talk to a woman about glasses, purses, children, and dating, does not mean that you are going to sit down for a glass of Kool-Aid, and give up on everything that you believe in. Liking Sarah Palin is not a sin. Judging her as a politician, rather than a human being, is.

“A card carrying Democrat”, wrote to say I was going to hell, my Jewish son would soon take Jesus into his heart, and then bring home his pregnant teenage girlfriend, if I spent another moment buying into the rhetoric of Ms. Palin. To that charming writer, I say, kiss my ***.
Ilana Angel, one of those rare liberals of good character and good conscience, seems to be genuinely surprised and disturbed by the number of nastygrams she received from others on the political left. This is a phenomenon we conservatives are well aware of. Sadly, thoughtful liberals like Ilana appear to be an endangered species. Driven by irrational hatred, the radical Left has even ruined liberalism for liberals. 

- JP

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  1. Kind of feel bad for Ilana. She getting a front row seat into how "tolerant" liberals are. Maybe this will be a wake up call to her. The liberal pack can't tolerate those who are free thinkers.