Friday, March 5, 2010

"Don Juan" Williams: Palin only successful because she's attractive

Misogynist liberal "Don Juan" Williams, in an appearance on "Hannity," claimed that Sarah Palin is only successful because og her good looks. Lachlan Markay got the catch for NewsBusters:
Liberals who simply cannot understand why Sarah Palin is so popular often attribute her success to her looks. The excuse conveniently allows them to sidestep any discussion of the issues she raises, and allows them to maintain a feeling of intellectual superiority to Palin and her supporters.

Fox News contributor Juan Williams, also a reporter for NPR and the Washington Post, was at a complete loss when Sean Hannity told him last night that he would rather Palin be president than Barack Obama. "Your libido is getting in the way of your thinking," Williams told Hannity.

Hannity and another guest, S.E. Cupp, noted the utter sexism in Williams' remarks. But don't expect to see a press release from the National Organization for Women or any other feminist group. Palin doesn't serve the liberal agenda, so she's fair game for claims that she'd be nowhere without her looks.


Her appeal to the American people infuriates the left, and they need some way of dismissing her without addressing the issues.
Juan, you sexist ol' dawg!

- JP


  1. I am done with Juan Williams. I usually turn
    off Hannity when he is on. Beckel and Kristen
    (can't recall her last name) who are on often with the liberal view don't bother me; however, Juan is both a sexist and a racist. I suspect his intellect isn't what he thinks it is either. These comments about Palin need to stop. And And they will if we turn off the programs.

    I love Hannity; however, will now only listen
    to his radio program.

  2. Juan thinks he is so smart, yet he is very stupid. If he doesn't know by now the reason why Sarah resigned back in July as Governor of Alaska, he shouldn't even be a contributor to Fox News.