Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Palin-hatin' leftist's lie debunked

How desperate to smear Sarah Palin do these deranged leftists have to be to make such a ridiculous and obviously bogus charge?
This is the second day in a row that Mediaite’s gone for a goof on Palin and then had to walk it back.
Maybe Sarah Palin wasn’t quite the hit on The Tonight Show the other night that everyone thought she was! A contributor over at Daily Kos — who provides some impressive sound bona fides — says he attended the Leno taping on Monday and that the audience was not nearly as welcoming as it sounded to TV viewers later on that night.
And the inevitable update:
Update: A reader writes “I was there while visiting my sister in CA. He’s wrong, people were laughing and I didn’t notice anything strange. The sign was turned on when we were supposed to applaud and laugh.”
Also, NBC issued a statement Friday in contradiction of the Kos Kidz Kwazy Klaim:
"Neither the audio nor the laughs were enhanced for Sarah Palin's segments on 'The Tonight Show.'"
That's two leftist lies -- one spread by Huffington Post and the other by dKos -- shot down, one after another in rapid fashion.  

How's that "making things up" working out for you, leftists?

Update: Moe Lane - "These people are simply *insane*":
"So, how far into Crazyland has the netroots gone when it comes to Sarah Palin? Let me put it this way: I now wait in breathless anticipation for the day that someone in the Online Left announces that they’re about to be given incontrovertible evidence that she’s secretly a Jew."
- JP

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