Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sarah Palin Trifecta at American Thinker

American Thinker has three good Sarah Palin reads for Wednesday...

On the front page, Bob Weir weighs in on why the left fears Sarah Palin:
"What this country needs is a strong conservative leader with the courage of her convictions. Sensing those qualities in Sarah Palin, the liberal left is becoming frantic because they can't seem to halt her popularity. The reason they're panicking is because they're afraid of her connection with regular folks who work for a living, pay their taxes, attend a religious worship service regularly, and believe that our country has lost the moral fiber that once united us."
On the American Thinker blog, James Lewis finds it amazing that even after all being hit with the full venom force of leftist hate, The Arctic Fox is still "smiling and beautiful":
"I'm almost beginning to enjoy watching these nasties breaking their heads against Fortress Sarah. If Palin just keeps her own counsel, like Ronald Reagan did thirty years ago, decent Americans of all stripes will open their hearts to her. As for her snarling enemies, they show their true nature just by trying to fling more mud. But none of it sticks."
Also on the A/T blog, Monte Kuligowski opines that despite all the attempts by her opponents to portray Sarah Palin as a right-wing extremist, she better reflects mainstream American thinking than does the radical left's Hope/Change agent in the White House:
"However far Palin is to the right of center -- the truth is that Obama is even farther to the left. Palin believes in a traditional, strong, energy independent America. Meanwhile, Obama is on a quest to fundamentally remake the country. Palin might be a polarizing figure, but Obama is more so. And that is understandable considering that only 20 percent of the country identifies with the liberal sect... which Obama represents."
Feed your inner political animal with these three courses, and enjoy the feast!

- JP

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