Tuesday, November 17, 2009

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mentions, Part 7


John Coale:
"She resigned as governor, still has all this power...and her book before it's even published is a best seller."
"Is this an example of A.P.’s 'fact checking' skills? If so, it falls far short of the norm. Rather than checking whether a city councilman in Wasilla Alaska tried forcing residents of new housing subdivisions as Palin claims, Associated Pravda goes right into character assassination mode by trying to detract the reader from the corruption Palin fought. There is no indication here that Associated Pravda made even the weakest attempt at 'fact checking.'"
Vocal Minority:
"If the Associated Press or any mainstream news outlet were anywhere near as ambitious at fact-checking An Inconvenient Truth as they are Going Rogue, Al Gore would be a humiliated has-been and the campaign to fight man-made global warming climate change would be at the top of every list of humanity’s greatest scams."
Infidel's Paradise:
"The AP... The same AP that for over eight years was caught fabricating stories, sources, and either staging or photoshopping pictures/images of the Iraq War and Israel’s conflicts with Palestine. And now they feel the need to ‘fact check’ Gov. Palin’s book... I am wondering if, in the past, AP has bothered fact checking any other politician’s books or even certain fat slob Hollywood director’s movies? But then, we DO have CNN fact checking SNL’s Obama sketches."
John McCain:
"I've just received a signed copy from her [Thursday], so I will read it with interest."
Noel Sheppard:
"MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on Friday called Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin idiots. In his disturbed view, the former Alaska Governor wrote a simpleton's book that would still be difficult reading for the conservative talk radio host."
Drunken Mystic:
"For some reason, Sarah Palin is the beneficiary of such hate in ways that would appall liberals if the same actions were levied against one of their own. How would they feel if conservatives made T-shirts calling Pelosi or Hillary Clinton a 'c*nt' or hacking in her private email or burning down the church building she attends? This doesn’t include the constant references to her being 'stupid' or an 'idiot' or her abilities as a wife or mother, which again, would be a reprehensible attack against feminism if done to a liberal female political leader."
Say Anything:
"Who, exactly, is Sarah Palin a problem for? She’s a vibrant, well-informed, outspoken member of the conservative movement. Perhaps the most exciting personality in the conservative movement for a lot of people, and while we can debate about whether or not she’s fit to run for the White House or even something like a Senate seat, she’s not a problem. She’s an asset. She’s got people talking and thinking and excited. The only people she’s a problem for are the liberals and the DC beltway types who can’t figure her out."
VRWC Texan:
"@newsweek Pls continue your cheap insults & denigration of Sarah Palin - it boosts her popularity w/the American ppl http://bit.ly/195Ht7"
Jumping in Pools:
"Consider this the question of the day, would you prefer a 2012 Presidential bid or a 2012 bid for the United States Senate by Sarah Palin? Although, I prefer Sarah Palin running for the United States Senate in 2014, I suspect she will have the support of the entire Conservative blogosphere regardless of her decision."
John Hinderaker:
"The Times has so little self-knowledge that it apparently doesn't understand that the 'colorful personal narrative' that most 'overshadow[ed] policy arguments and actual knowledge' in the 2008 campaign was that of Barack Obama, not Sarah Palin. Obama had less experience than Palin... We are now living through the debacle that results from electing a President based on a 'personal narrative' rather than 'policy arguments and actual knowledge,' but it will be a while before the New York Times, always a lagging indicator at best, figures this out."
Sheldon Alberts:
"What is encouraging for Palin supporters, and disturbing to her critics, is that she wielded such influence from a distance. Who needs appearances on Washington's Sunday political talk shows when penning a few short sentences on Facebook will get you on the front page?"
Vicki McClure Davidson:
"God bless you, Sarah, for rising above Johnston’s despicable behavior and welcoming him to your family’s Thanksgiving dinner table. You extended a hand, he bit it like a snarling junkyard dog. This young man’s love of money, anger, and spite reveals so much about him."
Start Thinking Right:
"I’m betting that 'inexperienced' Sarah Palin wouldn’t have groveled before the emperor... Apparently, bowing and groveling is something that they teach at Harvard."
Doug Ross:
"The long knives of the media have truly been unsheathed for Sarah Palin of late. Exhibit A: demonstrating all the class and balance of its owner Al Gore, the failing 'Current TV' network slimed the erstwhile Vice Presidential candidate with some genuinely nasty references. Given that Current TV's Nielsen ratings fall somewhere between airport radar and sonograms, this sort of attack is as feeble as it is distasteful."
- JP

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